Need some tips on organising a contest on Instagram? Want some Instagram contest inspiration?

This blog post will provide you with inspiration and advice to help you organise a winning Instagram contest that advances your advertising objectives.

When people “Like” a brand on Facebook, they often do so with the expectation of receiving some sort of incentive, such as a discount or a chance to win a prize.The proliferation of social networking sites has made it simple for companies to launch their own competitions and giveaways, which can:

  • Create inbound links to your site (excellent for search engine optimisation).
  • Boost Visibility and Encourage Interaction on Social Media
  • Boost your fan base

How Do Instagram Contests Work?

Most individuals entering Instagram contests don’t realise that a declaration of release is a requirement that must be followed. All Instagram giveaway posts MUST include the following explanation (or an equivalent one).This contest is not sponsored, run, or linked with Instagram, Inc. in any manner, as per Instagram’s guidelines. Participants attest that they are at least 13 years old, agree to Instagram’s terms of service, and waive all claims against the company.Include this announcement at the end of the Instagram portion of your contest.Now that you’re familiar with Instagram’s rules and guidelines, here are the actions to do to launch a contest.
Set a deadline for the giveaway 1.
If you plan it out well, hosting an Instagram giveaway may be hugely beneficial for both you and your followers. You may increase the number of people interested in your various online presences (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email subscribers, blog readers, website visitors, etc.) by focusing your giveaway on a specific end goal.

Select an appropriate award

Without something to give away, what’s the point? Make sure the award you choose is something that will be appreciated by your target audience. The premise is that if you pick a reward that will be of interest to your ideal customer, you will attract more of them.While it’s true that offering a grand prize will get people’s attention, it likely won’t bring in buyers in your target demographic. Don’t go overboard; instead, think about what might pique the curiosity of your target demographic.

Specify the parameters of the competition

Is there a minimum age requirement or any other eligibility criteria (such as being a resident of India) that must be met in order to participate?You’ll need to provide the start and finish times of the giveaway as well as its duration. How many days, weeks, or months will the crusade last?
There have been a lot of studies done, and they all agree that two to four weeks is the sweet spot for massive campaigns.It’s possible that the giveaway’s duration will need to be extended if participants are required to share the article or perform any number of other time-consuming tasks.

Start an Instagram competition

You may use images and graphics to spread the word about your contest or giveaway in the post you create for it. This ensures that it stands out to people as they go through their Instagram feeds.Pick a photo that communicates the campaign’s message effectively. Include registration rules and legal disclaimers in the description of your giveaway article.

Repeatedly advertise

While simply creating a post for your Instagram giveaway may bring in some participants, serious promotion is required if you want to reach the widest possible audience.
A larger audience will not magically find your post. You need to interact with people who share your interest in order to succeed. But who wants to talk to other people all day and night? We enter at this point. To help you reach over 100,000 people per month on Instagram, we provide an automation solution that mimics human interaction. This will increase your profile’s exposure, visibility, and accessibility by a factor of two.
To keep people engaged and informed before, during, and after the tournament, tell stories.
If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, invite your followers there to enter the giveaway and then direct them to your Instagram account.

Analyse the Outcome of the Instagram Competition

It’s important to keep tabs on how many people entered your competitions, how many new followers you gained, how many people clicked through to your website, and so on.Based on your specific objectives, you may begin to compare data from different giveaway contests to learn what kinds of rewards, when they should be offered, what they should contain, and what kinds of people will sign up.When the giveaway is over, I recommend changing the caption to read “GIVEAWAY CLOSED” at the top of the post. This will prevent any visitors from trying to enter the giveaway after the deadline has passed.

Pick a victor in a just and lawful manner

Check that the winner has followed all guidelines and then get in touch with them to set up the delivery of the reward!The next stage is to publicly declare a victor; failing to do so may lead others to believe that no one truly won, which would reflect poorly on you.Those who have interacted with your giveaway article can be notified of the outcome with the aid of our Automation Service. Your giveaway’s participants will all get a direct message (DM) with the outcome.