An excellent corporate monitoring tool, customer feedback may evaluate product lines, service quality, and even the efficacy of marketing campaigns. One of the most useful sources of client input is probably already something you’re using: social networking.

Use social networks for keeping tabs on things

The usefulness of social listening should not be underestimated in this age of multifaceted social media customer service initiatives.

A social listening platform like Linkfluence can keep an eye out for mentions of your business online and send you an alert whenever it detects them. Instead, you may keep an eye on the hashtag associated with your brand and the feedback on any social media postings.

One further advantage of keeping an eye on your brand’s social media presence is that it may alert you to any unfavourable comments or criticism immediately. Then, you can take immediate action to fix the situation by communicating with them in real time and showing the world how committed you are to ensuring their complete pleasure.

Create a survey

You can make a simple poll on most social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. With the option to remain anonymous, consumers get a more personal experience while providing feedback through a poll. In light of the public nature of social media, an anonymous poll is a great way to encourage participation from your audience without compromising their need for privacy.

You don’t need a lot of technical know-how to conduct a poll; in fact, it’s usually more enjoyable for participants when the questions are less serious and more playful. Polls are an excellent method to gauge interest in a new product or service before committing to developing or releasing it.

Make a poll public.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to rely just on social media polls, especially if you want more in-depth responses. If you’re seeking for specific information, Jotform’s survey and feedback form tools let you craft your own questions.

Fight through Instagram Stories

Posting on Instagram? Think about making a Story and polling your followers beforehand. With an active client base, you may learn a lot from your followers’ answers to your queries. Each week, pose a new question to your followers in order to spark conversation and solicit constructive criticism.


The Messenger chatbot on Facebook can be an effective method of collecting user opinions. Those who follow you and leave comments on your posts will receive an automated reply from you, courtesy of the autoresponder function. You may programme the bot to ask a question, send out a survey invite, provide a coupon code, or even sign them up for your newsletter.

The success of this tactic depends on your ability to generate discussion among your followers. This may need some experimentation on your part, but it will be much simpler if you have a good understanding of your audience and the content they enjoy most.

If you want your followers to interact with the bot, it needs to be interesting to them. Focus on methods to get your followers involved, such as providing a comedy, a special offer, or some other attention-grabbing content, rather than just sending a survey link out of the blue.

Start up some chats.

  You may use direct messages to continue a conversation you’ve already had with a consumer. This is a useful method for gathering opinions on a certain topic.

And by making contact, you demonstrate your gratitude for their patronage.

By starting this kind of dialogue via private messages, you may learn more about your customers’ experiences as a whole, which can lead to insights about how to enhance your offerings. Customers may be more loyal to a business that goes the additional mile for them.

Benefit from immediate feedback

Those that follow you on social media have shown an interest in what you have to offer. There’s no better way to capitalise on that kind of enthusiasm than to really give people something to do in real time.

Live broadcasts allow you to interact with your audience in real time, which is great for building loyalty and community among your clientele. The use of live chats and Q&A sessions makes consumers feel valued and involved, while also allowing you to pose targeted queries and receive insightful responses.

Getting responses using social media

Your social media accounts serve as a gathering place for fans and potential buyers interested in your company. They also provide helpful insights and opinions. When used properly, social media platforms may be used to do much more than direct traffic to a website. On the other hand, you may utilise these mediums to learn more about your target market and get constructive criticism from customers.