Have you built up a significant following on Instagram?

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms solely due to the fact that the majority of the content that users that are good at using Instagram make is heavily focused on photography.

… It more accurately portrays the lifestyle and does not necessarily need to be focused on news in contrast to the information that is often seen on a Facebook page.

Even though there have been plenty of accounts that have been successful in monetizing their Instagram, it is only going to get tougher as Instagram’s algorithm is going to continually make it harder for your advertising to be noticed as time goes on and competition on the channel rises. And even though there have been plenty of accounts that have been successful in monetizing their Instagram, it is only going to get harder.

We are fortunate as marketers since we now have the ability to retarget off of our Instagram following using either Facebook or Instagram advertisements.

What Does It Mean to Retarget? And How Is It Distinct From Me Merely Posting On Instagram?

Have you ever looked at a product online and then noticed that it keeps following you around while you’re on Facebook or surfing the internet? If you haven’t heard of retargeting before, let me ask you this: Have you ever looked at a product online and then noticed that it keeps following you around?

We are now able to retarget everyone who has visited your Instagram Page and follow them around both on Facebook and on Instagram by placing advertising spend behind it. This is in contrast to the traditional method of uploading an image on Instagram for free and hoping that some of your followers see it.

Who, Then, Ought to Make Use of the Instagram Page/Following Retargeting Feature?

As I previously stated, any company that does a fantastic job of keeping their Instagram offering by continuously providing material that is highly accepted should be followed on Instagram.

Therefore, if you are pondering these things to yourself…. Considering that my Instagram photos often receive a lot of likes and comments and that I have a decent number of followers, you really ought to give this a shot.

I’m going to illustrate my point with a screenshot from one of my favourite Instagram accounts, which is called SD_ Bullies.

They are responsible for the breeding of some of the world’s most unusual French Bulldogs and have carefully cultivated a social following of 134,000 followers.

…I mean, who doesn’t enjoy watching films or looking at images of pups having the time of their lives?

This account has gained a cult following, and I would think that a significant number (if not the majority) of SD Bullies’ customers first became aware of the company through the account that they maintain on Instagram.

Does the fact that there are 134,000 followers imply that all of these people have the potential to become customers?


However, they are actively participating and frequently tagging or sharing the material of SD_Bullies with their peers.

This indicates that a large number of people are visiting the SD_Bullies page, and the fact that even a tiny percentage of their following or Instagram Page visitors buy a dog (despite the fact that dogs are costly) will easily make the time they spend generating content worthwhile from the point of view of the financial return it may provide for the company.

I mean, what the heck – it actually worked for me! I purchased my puppy from them down below.

I’ll be honest with you and say that the idea of acquiring a puppy wasn’t initially appealing to me, but the abundance of adorable canine content that I encountered on Instagram convinced me otherwise.

The thing to keep in mind, however, is that as time goes on, less people will naturally see their images in the Instagram feed as a result of adjustments to the algorithm. 

Because of this, it is extremely crucial that we are now able to run advertisements to Instagram Page Visitors and Followers.

Rather than simply throwing up a post on Instagram and hope that it will be viewed, you can assure that each and every one of these users will see your post by allocating some funding to support it right now.

How to Make Use of Instagram’s Retargeting Functionality?

Therefore, the first thing you’re going to want to do is log in to the business manager section of your Facebook account in order to get retargeting for your Instagram profile.

  • Navigate to the Audiences section, then click the “Create Audience” button.
  • Tap “Instagram Business Profile” on your keyboard.
  • Develop your audiences by focusing on Instagram Page Visitors, Instagram Page Visitors who really engaged with a post (by commenting, like, clicking, or sharing a post, for example), Instagram Page Messengers, and Instagram Post Page Savers.
  • Once you have built all of the different Instagram retargeting audiences you want to use, you can then use the Power Editor to integrate these audiences into your campaigns.

Feel free to go ahead and insert them into the “Custom Audience” Field that is located under the Ad Set Level of each of your various campaigns.

When it comes to running an advertisement, everything else goes on as normal after the target demographic has been determined and included in the ad package.

Bringing It All Together

Are you ready to get started with your retargeting on Instagram? What kind of outcomes do you anticipate observing, if any?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them!