Is increased Instagram activity a goal of yours? Are you trying to find a technique to receive honest reactions from your viewers?

An Instagram Story Poll is a fun and easy method to get immediate feedback from your followers. In a lighthearted and engaging way, it also lets you gauge the reaction of the crowd.

It’s high time you started using Instagram Stories Polls. To begin, you may add one of two kind of Poll stickers to your Stories. The Instagram Stories Poll feature allows you to use either two user-selected alternatives or emojis.

Instagram Story Polls: How to Set Them Up

Select the “Polls” icon from the Stickers menu that appears in the upper-right corner of your screen after you’ve taken a photo or video.
Clearly label your poll with the “Poll” sticker.
The next step is to create your questions and tailor your Poll options. Emojis are another option you might explore. The two preset answers are “Yes” and “No.”
Your questions can be as long as you like, but your replies must fit within 22 characters.
When you’re satisfied with the questions and answers, your Instagram Poll is ready to be shared with friends and family.
As soon as voting begins, the outcomes will be updated in real time.
You may see the outcomes by swiping up on your Story. You may check the votes of your friends and the number of people who have viewed your post there.

Instagram polls: a creative tool for your stories

The introduction of Instagram’s Polls feature has sparked innovative strategies from major corporations for increasing user participation. Let’s take a look at some unique ways you may utilise Instagram Polls in your Stories to get your imagination going.

Feature Your Finest Offerings

Just show it. In marketing, that’s Rule Zero. You need to avoid being too pushy in your sales tactics if you want to move merchandise. Allow your product’s quality to speak for itself. Show what it’s like to use your product rather of merely listing its characteristics.

Instagram’s visual nature makes it a wonderful location to showcase products, processes, or other endeavours.

The Outback Steakhouse network of American casual dining restaurants uses this method to advertise its delectable menu items and drinks.

Inspire your audience to take a stance on social issues

These days, consumers care as much about a company’s moral compass as they do about its wares. In fact, 64 percent of shoppers throughout the world take a company’s values into account when making purchases. They may also choose not to buy, transfer brands, or even boycott products because of the company’s political or social stance.

You will lose clients if you don’t effectively communicate the ideals of your brand. Take a poll and show the world where you stand on an issue. You may inspire your audience to participate in meaningful ways by utilising Polls.

Use quizzes to increase participation

After a long day at the office, who doesn’t like a fun fact or two? Use Polls to provide fun quizzes to your followers to increase interaction and brighten their day. The best thing is that you may create a quiz for any specific area of interest. It manages to be both instructive and entertaining.

It’s common knowledge that National Geographic often posts fun Instagram quizzes. Sometimes they’ll even utilise Instagram Stories Polls to get people excited for a new episode or season.

They recently conducted a series of polls in the guise of a quiz to publicise Yellowstone Live, an action-packed live TV event. Subtle advertising like this is quite effective.

Solicit Feedback from Your Audience

Successful marketing requires an in-depth familiarity with the wants and concerns of target consumers. While it’s important to gather information, it’s also beneficial to directly ask your audience for feedback. You may be able to improve your product’s development and advertising strategies as a result.

You may poll your fans on whether they want to see new swimwear or formalwear. One alternative is to provide a choice between two flavours for the next chocolate you make. Nothing is off the table.
Advertise the Information on Your Website

In 2017, Instagram added the capability for users to include links within their Stories. Brands and influencers may easily use this feature to drive visitors from Instagram to their blogs.

Any Instagram Story with a “swipe up” option will take you to a blog or website if you tap on it. A Poll can be added to this to increase participation.

Solicit Opinions

You need to take criticism seriously if you want to grow. Instagram Polls simplify the process of gathering honest feedback from your target market regarding your offerings.

Perfection Chocolates, an Australian chocolate manufacturer, uses Polls to quickly gauge public opinion. It’s a simple method for testing the response of the crowd.

You can inquire about the quality of various items, your shipping speed, and even suggestions for future events. The outcomes may not always be what you anticipate. However, it can help you better understand your target market in the long run.

Last Words

Instagram Stories are so 2017. It’s time to put a little zing in them by including some humorous touches. Adding polls to your Instagram Stories is a great way to engage your audience.

They don’t take a lot of time or effort to make, and their interactivity makes them fun. That’s why they’re so effective in keeping Instagram followers interested in your account. Showcase your latest offerings and get honest opinions from your audience using Instagram Stories Polls.