When it comes to connecting with new consumers on social media, sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide an extraordinary degree of possibilities for brands and organisations. It is safe to argue that this is the case.

Instagram is now one of the social media platforms that is expanding at one of the quickest rates. Research indicates that pizza is the food that is shown on Instagram the most frequently throughout the world. This may or may not be fully relevant to the discussion.

Instagram Stories are quickly becoming one of the most popular new features on the site (aside from all the pizza, of course). This new feature, which is heavily influenced by Snapchat, enables users to publish impromptu photographs and videos to their “Instagram Story,” which only remains visible for a period of 24 hours before vanishing from the social stratosphere entirely, and it is beginning to get a lot of traction.

These bite-sized tales have the capacity to increase brand exposure and drive interaction, and if you’d want to add Instagram to your arsenal of social media talents but are unsure how to do so, the following ideas will help you start things rolling…

Master the art of using Instagram Stories

Understanding how a platform operates is the greatest way to take use of it, so before you get tactical, here is a step-by-step explanation on how to utilise Instagram Stories

Show the audience what goes on behind the scenes.

The notion of social storytelling is one that carries a lot of weight and force. In today’s world, people prefer to contact with businesses they believe to be human. Because of this, one of the greatest ways you can engage with new and current fans is by providing them with a peek of your operation throughout a typical day in the life of your business.

It is vital to plan your content, but sharing random bits of information may also prove to be beneficial. Instagram gives you the ability to do exactly that.

Hold an Instagram “Takeover,” if you will

An Instagram Story Takeover is a strategy that is not well recognised but is highly powerful. It has the potential to build your account and reach a whole new audience in a relatively short period of time.

You will be able to increase awareness of your brand and provide it with a variety of new voices if you enter into a partnership with a prominent blogger or Instagrammer in your field and then give them permission to take over your account for a period of twenty-four hours, during which time they will also be given the opportunity to create their own Instagram Story.

Convert your blog posts into bite-sized pieces

Blog posts that are up to date, useful, and interesting are still one of the most essential aspects of any content strategy; thus, coming up with innovative methods to showcase your greatest articles is a wonderful approach to increase consumers’ knowledge of your business.

You may utilise Instagram Stories to compile brief, informative articles on any topic conceivable; alternatively, you can build aesthetically appealing story updates that drive readers to the original posts, like Shopify has done…

Demonstrate how your product or service may be used

People want to see precisely how your product or service can benefit them, especially within the confines of social media; so, why not utilise Instagram Stories to demonstrate it in action? They want to see exactly how your product or service can benefit them.

In the end, the content that you produce should inspire consumers to want to invest in your company. If you are able to use Instagram Stories in a way that is both amusing and authentic, you will be able to attract more people to your website without the need to make an overt attempt to sell them something.

In today’s world, customers are more likely to have faith in companies with whom they can have a two-way dialogue, and social storytelling provides an almost endless number of options for companies to interact with the people they are trying to reach.

If you include the following Instagram Stories strategies into your social media plan, you will almost immediately see an increase in the amount of people who are aware of your company.
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