If your company isn’t on Instagram right now, you’re missing out on a tonne of potential customers.

In recent years, Instagram has become a must-have tool for any company that wants to connect with its customers and increase revenue.

What was their secret?

Incorporating Instagram Stories

The ability for every Instagram company account to produce stories, monitor performance, and engage with its audience has greatly increased the platform’s appeal among its business user base.

The most recent releases of LinkedIn Stories and Google Web Stories show that other social media platforms are following suit.

In this Instagram Stories for Business Guide, we will explain how you can use this format to increase sales and audience participation. We’ll show you how to make the most of your brand storytelling efforts from start to finish.

Insta-stories: what exactly are they?

A tale is a format that may include everything from images and videos to text and stickers.

If not downloaded or added to the Archive or Highlights, it will expire after 24 hours.

The Instagram stories tab is located in the mobile app’s header.

They will be the first thing people who follow you on Instagram see when they launch the app.

Instagram also added the Highlights feature, which allows you to showcase your previously posted Stories on your profile.

Instagram stories with a commercial focus are best understood as a novel form of content distribution.

Why Companies Should Use Instagram Stories

Let’s say in 2021 you intend to make Instagram part of your overall advertising campaign. Instagram statistics (based on internal Instagram data released at the most recent f8) might help you gauge your success or failure in this arena.

Instagram has 1 billion monthly users.
Every day, 500 million individuals across the world use Instagram Stories.
On average, Instagram users spend about 28 minutes each day in the app.
At least 200 million individuals every day look at a company’s profile.
Every month, 130 million Instagram users view and interact with retail photos.
Instagram now has 849,3 million users it can target with ads.
Instagram stars may make anything from $100 to $2,085 every sponsored post.
Two-thirds of Instagram story views come from those who aren’t already followers but are interested in finding out more about the brands and services featured there. This implies that Instagram has become a place where consumers can find new brands and learn more about the things they provide.

What You Can Learn From Instagram Stories

As you can see (and the facts back it up), Instagram is the most rapidly expanding platform in the globe.

Why not take advantage of it?

The top three reasons why businesses should start using Instagram Stories immediately are detailed below.

Expand your Instagram audience

You may search for Instagram stories. Your content can now be discovered and watched by individuals who aren’t already following you. You can increase the exposure of your tales and the traffic they send to your website by making use of hashtags and tagging other individuals and companies in them.

If you want your Instagram stories to be seen by a wider audience, you can do it by embedding them on your website with the help of EmbedStories.

Interact with your present users more frequently

There are countless ways in which you may connect with your readers and give them useful information through the tale format.
Here are some options:

  • Produce graphic “How to” guides for your wares.
  • Give away free advice.
  • Share the most recent updates on your products or the industry overall.
  • Reveal ‘behind the scenes’ material Display an event or trade fair your company participated in
  • Provide coupons, promo codes, and limited-time discounts.
  • Now that you understand the value of Instagram Stories, it’s time to start using them immediately.

Third, Instagram tales function as a comprehensive sales procedure
Instagram stories go above and beyond only raising brand recognition to offer a number of other advantages to their consumers.

Instagram stories are becoming an effective tool for the bottom of the marketing funnel, opening up new avenues for businesses to generate leads and boost their online conversion rates.

Tips for Making an Instagram Story

With only a few taps, you can publish your very own Instagram story to the world.
After logging into Instagram and switching to the feed screen, there are a few options for doing so:

  • In the top left corner, choose the circular icon that says “Story.”
  • You may add new photos and videos to your mobile gallery, or repurpose older ones. Your choice.
  • To enter text, use the text icon; to add a sticker, select the sticker icon.
  • When you’re done customising your tale, select Your tale from the menu in the bottom left to share it on Instagram.
  • Instagram very recently added the ability to share your Story with your followers and friends. Select the option labelled “Close friends” located at the far left of your screen.

Keep reading to find out how to give your Instagram stories and Highlights a recognisable identity.

How to make Instagram stories that promote your brand?

Maintaining a unified visual identity across all of your social media postings is essential.

This includes Instagram stories as well.

Make your Instagram Stories stand out by developing a unique brand identity.

If your followers see this graphic in their Stories feed while scrolling through, they will know it belongs to your brand even before they see your username.