how to get likes on instagram reels

Instagram is a viable platform for brands and creators to market their products or services. Moreover, within a short span, Instagram has reached over one billion monthly active users, gaining popularity worldwide, like Twitter or Facebook. 

But how to reach such a huge audience base, and what are the ways to create opportunities to engage audiences? Here comes the SEO for Instagram! The same SEO technique used to optimize your website works for Instagram. Therefore, implement your existing SEO strategy into your Instagram account and drive greater growth.

Instagram acts as a mini-google with in-built functions to expand your reach. If you are new to the SEO field, here are some hacks of Instagram SEO to build brand popularity.

#1. Optimize Your Bio

Optimizing your profile is the first and foremost step to boost your brand reach on Instagram. Getting only traffic to your profile without viewing your Instagram content will not benefit your brand. So, it is necessary to optimize your bio for a better user experience. 

Here are some tips for creating an attractive Instagram profile:

  • If you are a brand, change your account to public
  • Select an eye-catching image or your brand logo as your profile picture
  • Concentrate on providing an easily recognizable and relevant username
  • Convert your Instagram account to a business account to utilize in-built features
  • Include a landing page to which you need to gain traffic

After creating a perfect bio, you can move into the other technical SEO tips.

#2. Include Keywords In Bio

Your Instagram profile remains the pathway for your target audiences to visit your eye-catching content. If you want to show your profile for the relevant terms in the search box, you need to include the primary keyword to the username to get on the top searches.

Also, secondary keywords on your bio content are more likely to show your account to your potential audiences. Displaying the primary keyword on the username helps show your profile on the search results of suggested accounts.

#3. Treat Hashtags As Keywords

After completing the profile optimization, go for the ideas to showcase your content to wider audiences. This is the place where every brand and marketer should concentrate. Most users will not directly watch your content, whereas they use a specific hashtag to discover the related content. 

So, it is necessary to follow the hashtag strategy on Instagram to get more audience attention. Consider hashtags as the secondary keyword and use the right one to show up your content on the search results. As a result, including five relevant hashtags in each post provides a better chance to display your content among target audiences.

#4. Take Captions As An Advantage

Instagram keeps on introducing new features and updates to engage users. Moreover, the competition also grows rapidly. Since Instagram is a self-contained search engine, focusing on using keywords in captions helps to get users’ attention. To overcome the huge competition, Instagram captions provide a way to engage audiences within your content which may be on reels, feeds, and IGTV videos. 

Among other exciting features, captions on the reels have more tendency to attract new audiences. Therefore, crafting engaging and compelling captions for your videos may help to reach wider audiences. But to get faster growth, you should know how to get likes on Instagram reels to be able to grab new followers and satisfy them with eye-catching content.

#5. Use Instagram Alt Text

The alt text feature on Instagram allows users to write engaging captions for their images. Including the alt text boosts the user visits for your image content, thus helping to improve your SEO technique. With the alt text in your image, Instagram will automatically increase the popularity of your videos.

To use the alt text option, 

  • Go to the advanced settings on the photo-sharing screen.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom to select the ‘write your alt text’ option, where you can make a perfect description fit for your image.

#6. Track With Analytics

The best way to grow your Instagram SEO is to track the results of your content performance. Getting on Instagram insights benefits you in tracking your account to implement the right marketing strategy. To access the analytics feature, convert your normal Instagram account into a business account.

Instagram insights help to provide the right content plan and allow you to get the right SEO strategy to grow your brand on the perfect path. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram SEO is the long-term strategy to optimize your profile among your target audiences. You can streamline your content strategy and boost your organic reach with the above powerful SEO tips. Therefore, transform your presence on Instagram with SEO tactics to get new followers and gain success.