From figuring out the best way to put your material on the platform to dealing with the avalanche of messages you receive every day, social media management is a full-time job in and of itself. From considering how to increase your Instagram followers to pondering if your company’s success is proportional to your efforts.

In this article, I’ll explain how to link several Instagram accounts and administer them from within the Instagram mobile app. Then I’ll tell you about our the internet management tool,, and how it may help you with Instagram.

Can one app handle several Instagram profiles?

To put it simply, yeah. Multiple Instagram profiles are permitted. In reality, there is no limit on how many Instagram profiles a single user may have. You may sign up for as many as 20 separate Instagram accounts, each of which requires a unique email address.

Would you have the ability to keep track of all of your Instagram accounts, though?

Actually, no. Instagram limits you to five accounts per app, all of which must be logged into separately.

You may add as many Instagram profiles as you like to the application and switch among them with ease, even if you only have three. To access the sixth Instagram account, however, you must first log off of any of the five that have previously been added.

There is no limit to the number of Instagram profiles you may establish. Growing more than five accounts, though, might make toggling between them a tedious process.

Here’s how you get started with using the application for Instagram to manage numerous accounts.

1. First, sign up on Instagram using several accounts.

Adding additional accounts is a must for managing numerous profiles inside the Instagram app.

2. Use Instagram with several profiles.

It’s simple to move between your Instagram profiles after you’ve added them to the app. If you want to use several Instagram profiles, here’s how to do it.

To access your profile page, go to the top left of the screen and click your username. A list of your newly added accounts will appear. You may also access your additional accounts by touching and holding your profile image in the lower-right area of your screen.

3. Share content across several Instagram profiles

Adding all these accounts would be useless if you couldn’t update them, right? The software allows you to post to many Instagram profiles at once.

Use to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

The Instagram app only allows only so much in the way of account administration.

To be realistic about your Instagram advertising, you can only do so much within the Instagram app itself.

To begin, Instagram restricts users to a maximum of five accounts per person. This makes it hard to switch between profiles while switching between them.

Granted. This restriction is less severe if you don’t have more than five accounts. Not everyone can be Nike and have a million Instagram accounts.

Let’s pretend, though, that you determined that the optimal times to update each of your social media platforms are 1 pm, 6 pm, and 2 am. You should probably set a reminder on your phone to ensure you post at the appropriate time.

Instead of switching between profiles to read your Instagram messages, you may do so with the help of’s team mailbox.

Here, you can see how your followers are responding to your Stories and engage with them publicly or privately.

Time was a topic of discussion before. The Instagram messaging function on offers additional tools that will help you keep it. For instance, you may designate particular team members to handle particular chats. In addition to saving time and enhancing client satisfaction, you’ll also have access to pre-written messages. facilitates the management of many Instagram profiles in addition to this.

I’ve already gone over how frustrating it may be to not be able to schedule Instagram posts in advance. Nope, not with around. This is because you can plan ahead by making a content calendar and setting certain dates for your pieces to be published.

Despite its name, this calendar is not just for Instagram. A social media schedule is what this is. You can organise your content strategy for all of your brand’s social media profiles in one convenient location.


On a network with one billion monthly users, having numerous Instagram profiles helps you to reach your target audience.

Having numerous Instagram profiles may be beneficial, but only if they are managed efficiently.

This is where the social media management software offered by comes in handy. You won’t have to hop from one social networking site to another to update your profiles.