Instagram’s feed and its accompanying algorithm have lately undergone some changes that your small business should be aware of.

When Instagram was launched, posts appeared in followers’ feeds in reverse chronological order, so your photo would be at the top of their feeds if they checked the app soon after you uploaded it. That’s all changed as of late.

As you may know, Facebook now controls Instagram, and as a result, the feed algorithm has been modified to more closely resemble Facebook’s News Feed.
Products that receive more likes and comments on Instagram are shown higher in the feed. Instagram thinks these are the posts its users would enjoy the most. Because of this, advertising on Instagram might become more lucrative.

Whatever the outcome of this, it highlights how crucial it is to interact with your Instagram followers.

Do everything in your power to show the new algorithm that, dang it, people do, in fact, like you.

With that in mind, let’s examine five methods for attracting and retaining enthusiastic fans of your content.

Focus on what makes your clients unique

Where do your clients’ interests lie? Get creative and think of a “hook” that you can use in your Instagram ads. Start using a hashtag. To reach a wider audience, use additional generic hashtags associated with your preferred topic.

For a whole generation, diversity has been a cornerstone of American society, and now, with the help of the Internet, we can take it further than ever before. This is fantastic for marketers since it opens up a wide variety of “micro-niches” to investigate, each of which has a dedicated fan base. Learn how to utilise Instagram to build these communities.

One hint for finding these niches is to analyse your highest performing long-tail keywords.

Highlight your team and the people you serve

Tell folks you’re helping the local economy by employing individuals from it. Instruct your staff to use the company Instagram to share pictures of community events. They can use geotags and hashtags to share where they are.

You should also encourage your staff to share information about the company on their own social media sites. With each employee’s post, your digital marketing reach expands by the number of people they already have in their social networks.

Share an Instagram promo code

Make a special sign with the promo code and details, or have a staff member hold up one of those handwritten signs.

If you do this frequently, your customers will learn to anticipate your actions and will begin checking your Instagram feed frequently for news of sales.

Use a personalised hashtag to encourage user-generated content from your clientele.
Launch a photo contest inviting participants to share how your goods have improved their lifestyles. In many circumstances, this may also be modified for use in a business-to-business setting. Each month, give a discount, accolade, or reward to one lucky person chosen at random. Make sure your consumers know to include your hashtag in their social media posts so you can monitor their activity.

The same logic that applies to motivating workers to post also applies to encouraging consumers to post.

Fifth, let your fans know that you’re just communicating certain of your deals on Instagram.
In order to succeed at social media advertising, you must first create a profile. Tell your friends and followers on other platforms or on your email list about your Instagram account to gain more followers.

More people will follow you on Instagram if you offer them something they can only get from your account.

Keep up the consistent posting. Schedule the publication of your coupons to increase awareness of your brand.

Be present in front of the crowd

Examine the feedback you’ve gotten on your previous updates. Share more of the content that your audience enjoys reading.

Then, brainstorm with your team and see if they have any ideas for capitalising on this newfound enthusiasm.

Users are more likely to see your material at the top of their feeds if it is relevant to them.