It’s common knowledge that SEO is a potent method for improving a website’s visibility in search results and attracting new visitors.

Did you know, though, that the same rules apply to your Instagram page as well?

Keep reading to learn the 7 best practises for Instagram SEO and start reaching more potential customers immediately.

Plan your approach.

  • Profile enhancement:
  • Search terms
  • Secondary Keywords Must Not Be Forgotten
  • Make Use of Useful Hashtags
  • Utilise Analytics’ Alt-Text-Tracking Capabilities

SEO’s Role in Instagram’s Success

You should care about SEO for your Instagram for a number of different reasons. Instagram, for example, has more than a billion regular users. This is a fantastic chance to expand into untapped markets. Using search engine optimisation (SEO) on Instagram can help you market your account, increase interaction and purchases, and attract new followers.

Furthermore, Instagram, like Google, prioritises highly optimised pages. Actually, Instagram serves as its own mini-search engine, complete with its own internal search features. A higher ranking is the end result of optimising your account for maximum engagement, page trust score, and follower acquisition.

SEO Techniques for Instagram

Don’t freak out if the thought of optimising your profile for search engines makes you feel overwhelmed.

These methods may theoretically be implemented on any website. Boosting your Instagram’s organic reach is as simple as implementing a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Many online store owners miss out on a tremendous opportunity by ignoring the importance of SEO on Instagram (or any other social media site).

That won’t happen while we’re around. For this reason, we will provide our 7 Instagram SEO Strategies for expanding your audience.

Tips for Instagram SEO

Formulate a Plan

Important but frequently disregarded.

Can I ask why you’re on Instagram? To what end are you striving? If you’re just on Instagram because you read an article titled “5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Instagram Marketing,” then you’re doing it wrong.

Take some time to reflect on what you can provide. What will customers of your shop buy that they can’t buy from you or any other brand?

Having a plan in place will make it much simpler to establish not only your keywords but your entire body of content.

Refine Your Profile

All the traffic in the world won’t help your Instagram account grow if it isn’t optimised for the optimal user experience.

The following procedures may seem obvious, but they should be highlighted nonetheless:

Create an Instagram business account and make your profile public. Make sure your business’s username can be found when needed.
A good username is one that is easy to remember because it is short and contains no symbols that aren’t necessary.
Make sure your profile picture represents your business and that your bio has a link that may be followed.

Be sure to use Keywords

If you have an online shop, your display name and about me section should contain the essential keywords that customers would use to find your wares. Captions are another great location for keywords, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Companies like Lush and MAC, for instance, have the word “cosmetics” in their user names and descriptions.
Overdoing it with your posting can cause more harm than good. Write legibly!

The Instagram algorithm will be more likely to notice you and show you up in suggested accounts searches if you use relevant keywords.

Use Related Keywords

You can strengthen your primary keyword with the use of secondary keywords. If you include these phrases in your bio, you may attract new customers and followers who weren’t looking for your major keyword but would be interested in what you have to offer.

Lush’s North American Instagram profile clearly identifies itself as serving the United States by including the phrase “North America” in the profile’s headline. If you do a search for “US Lush” as opposed to “UK Lush,” the correct profile will come up.

Include Useful Hashtags

Relevance and diversity are essential to the success of your hashtags and the optimisation of your content.

Actually, you need a unique hashtag approach for each Instagram post you make. In the same way that you should treat hashtags as secondary keywords, you should also be careful not to overuse the same set of hashtags under each post, as Instagram can see this as spam.

ILIA is a tiny brand with a good hashtag strategy because they employ multiple hashtags in each Instagram post.

Instagram’s alt text was added to help the visually impaired utilise the app, but it can also be used for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes.

When creating a new post, go to the ‘advanced settings’ tab to see where you can insert alt text.

Changing the alt text on your Instagram post can improve its algorithmic ranking, allowing it to be seen by more of your followers.


You should monitor how your Instagram SEO approach is contributing to your overall social media expansion. In the long run, this will improve the quality of your content and, by extension, your eCommerce store’s performance.

Have you completed your first objectives? If not, take a moment to rethink your approach.

Test thoroughly and again

Remember that SEO is a long-term approach, even if it can be discouraging when you don’t see quick benefits. Buying or using bots to gain followers quickly can seem appealing, but the fallout from being discovered is severe.

Keep in mind that these methods require testing.

A failure the first time around is no guarantee of failure the second. Maintain a regimen of hypothesis testing and data monitoring to ascertain its efficacy.