Trying to make your mark in a sea of amazing and active Instagram accounts might make you feel discouraged. However, keep in mind that Instagram is one of the trendiest places to be on the internet right now, and that its popularity shows no signs of abating any time soon. This means that there is no shortage of great accounts to follow.

In 2020, more than one billion people across the world will use Instagram on a monthly basis. eMarketer predicts that by 2023, there will be roughly 1.18 billion users.

However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and cultivate an authentic following on Instagram, you’ll need a plan. Several methods can produce sustainable, organic expansion that will allow you to develop your audience slowly and steadily over time.

Methods for Increasing Your Instagram Following in 2023

You can increase your Instagram following this year and beyond by implementing these tried-and-true strategies.

Make the Most of Your Profile

First things first: make sure your profile is as search engine and user-friendly as possible so that people can find you and quickly grasp what you’re all about. Your profile picture and bio should be cohesive and tell a tale that accurately represents you or your company.

The one-link restriction is another problem. Only one link can be included in your bio, so make it count. Use a connecting service like Linktree or Campsite to add several connections to a single landing page, or just link to your own website so visitors can discover more about you.

Time Your Posts Properly and Keep Them Coming

Instagram posts are most effective on certain days and hours, with different industries often having different optimal posting times and days. Look at your account’s data to see when your finest choices exist. You can learn a lot about your audience and when they are most active on Instagram from the data.

And be consistent with your posting schedule, whatever that may be. Make sure Instagram’s algorithm is satisfied and that your followers know when to anticipate new content by sticking to a regular publishing schedule.

Use Captions to Recount Tales

Instagram users are more likely to click on posts with lengthy captions that read like mini-blogs. Since Instagram has evolved into a narrative medium, longer captions may be more appealing to its audience.

Why? Instagram users’ audiences are interested in finding out more about the accounts they follow. Captions that go on for a while help you establish a rapport with your followers, giving them the impression that they know you. This might increase the likelihood that your followers will interact with your posts.

Be Sure to Include Keywords

Instagram posts, like website articles and blog posts, may profit from the use of keywords. Similar to search engine optimisation (SEO), this method encourages natural clicks on your profile. But it’s your profile that needs keywords, not your articles.

Including searchable keywords in your Instagram bio increases the likelihood that you will be discovered by users looking for such terms. Instagram users seeking for pet-related content could go for “dog blogger” or “pet expert” as search terms. If you include these terms in your bio, those looking for them may wind up as followers.

Make good use of Instagram TV, Reels, and Lives

Instagram provides various non-feed related methods for users to increase their audience. Instagram’s video features—IGTV, Reels, and Lives—make the app more fun and interesting to use. How to utilise them is as follows:

Instagram TV is a terrific way to launch a series or publish lengthier material, and it functions similarly to YouTube. IGTV Videos can be up to 60 minutes in length.
Reels: These are a lot like the videos you see on TikTok, and their purpose is to get people interested and watching. The same is true for reels, which may swiftly get widespread attention.
Because your followers may provide feedback in real time, Lives offer the highest potential for interaction. The more you engage in conversation with your audience, the more attention you are likely to receive.

Create an Engaging Instagram Experience

Stories, on the topic of interaction, can likewise serve this purpose. Through your Stories, you may give your audience a glimpse into your account’s inner workings. Users share personal images and videos, questions and polls, and other interactive content from their day. According to Instagram, one in three Instagram Stories receives a direct message response.

Hold a Competition

Instagram feeds practically inevitably have at least one contest. Instagram accounts may be swiftly expanded through contests and freebies because to the high levels of participation they generate. It’s common practise for contest organisers to demand participants to follow the account, tag friends, and like the post in order to be eligible to win. You can develop by doing any of the three activities.

Interact with Other Profiles

Participating in the community by like and commenting on other people’s posts increases the likelihood that others will interact with your own content. If you like and comment on an Instagram post, not only will the poster see it and maybe return the favour, but so will all of the poster’s followers. If you interact with Instagram users that have a comparable fan base to yours, some of their users may decide to follow you as well.

Take part in teamwork

Potential Instagram brand partnerships might arise as your following expands. When doing so, sponsored content will typically be posted to your account, however the company itself may repost your work. Good brands will include you in their collaboration posts, increasing your exposure and, ideally, the number of people who decide to follow you.

Beyond that, we’ve also made a series of free Instagram resources, such as our guide to the Instagram post character limit, our guide on how to share someone else’s Instagram post, and our guide to choosing the perfect Instagram profile photo, if you’re looking for even more ideas on how to grow your Instagram following.