You may contact people who are interested in a certain issue by using hashtags.

Here, we’ll demonstrate how to expand your Instagram following by making strategic use of hashtags.

The meaning of hashtags is unclear.

A hashtag is a term that comes before the hash sign (#). They help organise information in blogs and social media.

Hashtags: What’s the Big Deal?

You can contact folks who aren’t following your Instagram account but are following the hashtags you’re using. Improve your organic search engine rankings by all means necessary.

According to We Are Social’s Digital Report 2021, the average engagement rate for Instagram posts is now at 0.85%, with carousel posts having the greatest engagement at 1.05%.

What Are the Most Trending Hashtags on Instagram?

A list of the top 150 Instagram hashtags, ranked by post count, is provided below.

Instagram Hashtag Guide

The following are strategies for using hashtags to attract more attention, comments, and followers on Instagram.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Instagram lets you see the most current and most popular posts based on a hashtag. Hashtags may be followed to have the most relevant content appear in your feed.

Put simply, if you want your posts to show up in the top posts for a certain hashtag, you need to include that hashtag. Instead of copying the top posts, consider what makes them successful and build on that.

You can do more than just browse your newsfeed for potential post topics; you can actually interact with the top stories that pop up. As a result, you’ll be linked up with Instagram users who are more likely to interact with the content you share.

Use hashtags in your social media posts and videos.

Instagram posts can include a maximum of 30 hashtags. No need to keep track; you’ll get a warning after you’ve used 31 hashtags.

The combined length of your caption and hashtags can’t exceed 2,200 characters. Alternatively, after you’ve published your article, you may edit the first comment and include your hashtags there.

You may try out some of the most widely used hashtags for posts like yours, but you can also hunt for more niche ones. Mixing commonly used hashtags with branded hashtags and lengthier, more descriptive hashtags is OK.

According to research conducted by Mention and HubSpot, using eight or more hashtags in a single post results in a significant drop in interaction. They found that posting with 20 hashtags resulted in the greatest increase in interaction. They elucidated:

You can find the most effective Instagram hashtags with the help of apps like Hashtag Expert. It will look for the most popular hashtags that are linked to your search and display them. You have the option of letting the app choose the most popular hashtags or manually selecting up to 30 hashtags.

Your followers can easily find you whenever they click on a hashtag and view your post. This is how you use hashtags to gain traction and followers.

You might think of it as employing both broad and long-tail keywords in your search engine optimisation approach.

Instead, your Instagram marketing approach incorporates trending and niche hashtags to increase exposure.

Discuss Your Work With Others

Interacting with other recent posts using the same hashtag as your own is another technique to increase its visibility and reach. They used a hashtag for the same reason you did: to increase their exposure.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with Instagram’s artists and users who share your interests. It’s possible that your most recent update may bring you new fans and followers.

Can You Use Hashtags on Instagram Stories?

Hashtags raise the question of whether or not they should be used in narratives. Hashtag stickers can be added to stories, although it’s not required.

Instagram only shows reels and posts users have made to their grid when seeing the most recent or top posts on a hashtag page. In the past, stories with the same hashtag or location were displayed on separate pages.

Can Hashtags Be Used on Instagram?

Adding the hashtag to your profile will add the term to your bio, but hashtags aren’t indexed by Instagram’s search function; only the username and name sections are.

Hashtags in your Instagram bio serve a similar purpose to those in your stories. However, this will not result in your profile being displayed on hashtag sites, as they only include highlight reels and postings.

Lessons Learned

If you want more exposure from those who appreciate comparable material, you should concentrate your hashtagging efforts on posts and reels.

Get ideas for your posts by following the hashtags you plan on using.

Don’t ignore the influencers in your field; their followers will also notice your remarks.