Everyone who cares about their Instagram popularity should employ hashtags. Some obstacles hinder development. We’ll show you where to look for the perfect tags for your videos, articles, and reels, as well as how to put them to good use.

Insta-hashtags: what exactly are they?

Instagram hashtags consist of a single “#” followed by a word or phrase. You can omit the spaces and the punctuation marks. However, an underline is commonly used to denote a pause between words.

Instagram hashtags can be letters, numbers, or even emoji. They can sometimes be found alone in the tags.

How do hashtags on Instagram function?

Instagram hashtags can be clicked on individually. To see what has been tagged with this hashtag, go here.

You may increase your Instagram following by using hashtags. This is so because more individuals will be exposed to your content. Once your post has been tagged, everyone who visits Instagram will be able to see it, not just your followers.

Using hashtags, Instagram users may search for relevant material. It might be anywhere, at any time, with any number of people or animals. There is a hashtag for whatever they care about.
Check out some #pages

Instagram provides a dedicated page for each distinct hashtag. There you may view all the media that has been tagged with that term. Such sites can be accessed in two ways:

If a user does not subscribe to a profile, they will not be able to view its contents. If a user has set their Story to private, only those who have access to their profile will be able to see it. If you’re looking to increase exposure and interaction, skipping the “close friends” list is a must.
Select a hashtag when it appears beneath a post (first screenshot).
Just enter a keyword into the search box. Instagram posts containing this term are visible (second screengrab). Select a tag by tapping it.

Follow a particular hashtag

Instagram allows users to track a certain hashtag. Then, your feed will display articles containing the tag. This way, you won’t lose out on any trends, you’ll always know what your rivals are up to, and you’ll always have fresh ideas coming in.
Instagram displays the hashtags you follow to your followers. They’ll be able to see them below, next to the users’ names. Users can find your username on the hashtag sites and follow you that way.

Instagram hashtag page with tabs

A hashtag page on Instagram consists of three sections:

To discover what the Instagram algorithms deem to be the best content, navigate to the Top tab. Algorithms analyse creator profiles to predict the reach, engagement, and number of followers for each post. Furthermore, the algorithms take into account your individual preferences. Your most popular likes and comments are analysed. This explains why each individual’s Top tabs include unique media.
Recent displays the most recent Instagram posts containing this hashtag. Profile pictures and videos from new users are displayed as well. The absence of Reels is notable.
You may view Instagram-tagged Reels under the Reels tab. Videos from popular accounts as well as those with few likes are displayed.

Hashtags on Instagram: How and Where to Use Them

Hashtags are frequently used in the caption section of Instagram posts and Reels. They are also sometimes included in a person’s bio or Stories. Let’s investigate each instance separately.

Life history/profile

Individual Instagram hashtags are included in the user’s bio. It could be the title of a competition or marathon you’re hosting. The post on writing a company bio provides further specifics on how to use hashtags in your Instagram profile.

Publish on Instagram

Hashtags may be included in the initial comment or caption. Environment plays a role in how a character evolves. The quantity of tags used might also affect exposure and participation. Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags.

The size of your Instagram account will determine the optimal amount and placement of hashtags. We looked at both of these criteria in the context of this article’s tagging system. The study relied on data collected by Socialinsider and Quuu.

Instagram Story Hashtags

We came across Not a Story on an Instagram hashtag page as we were drafting the piece. At the same time, we haven’t heard anything to indicate that these pages would no longer display their current content. Let’s take a look at Instagram Stories hash tagging.

In total, 30 hashtags can be typed into an Instagram Story, and 1 hashtag sticker can be used. We lack solid data about the impact of the tag on profile growth, in contrast to postings. So, test things out and keep an eye on the competition.

Hashtags for Instagram Highlights

When submitting videos to Instagram Reel, you can include up to 30 hashtags in the caption. The best possible figure has not been disclosed at this time.

When posting a video, precede the caption with “#” and a single word.

Hashtagging on Instagram: When to Do It

Put hashtags in where your audience will see them most often. This time, users are more likely to scroll through their feed and frequently access the Recent tab. You can credit this to your Instagram success.

Your content will receive more views and clicks if it is featured at the tab’s top at that time. And if your photo or video is very well received, you may even gain some new followers.

Insights can tell you where your ideal customer hangs out online.