You should choose Instagram photographs that stand out. Then you’ve come to the correct spot. In this post, we’ll show you eight different strategies for using Instagram photos to promote your company, along with examples and case studies you can implement right away.
There are so many people using Instagram on a regular basis now that it would be simpler to quantify the number of people who haven’t joined the site.

Everyone on Instagram, from regular people just hoping to make new friends to major corporations attempting to promote their products online, is always putting their best visual foot forward in the hopes of gaining more followers, likes, and engagement.

You’re in luck if you’re one of the very few people who is just getting started with the visual medium, or if you’ve already got an account but want greater exposure. In this short lesson, we’ll show you how to use Instagram for photo sharing and curation.

Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

This article can assist improve your Instagram aesthetics whether you’re a creator or a curator of user-generated material.

Get the fundamentals down

The first step is to determine why you’re on Instagram and write down your goals for that time. Why? This will help you decide what kinds of posts you want to make in advance.

Defining your goals helps you zero in on the KPIs you need to track to assess the success of your campaign.

Do you want more people to follow you? Flip your material such that it compels readers to click the “follow” button. Is there something in particular you’d like exposure for, like a blog article or a new product? You may increase the number of people who view your post and click “like” by using clever descriptions and hashtags.

Recognise who you’re talking to

Establishing your social media identity is the next step after identifying your goals and demographic.

Research your brand and think about how it may be represented visually on Instagram. If your company were a person, how would it communicate with the world? Or does he or she like to whisper encouraging words to others? And, of course, what gender does your brand identify as?

Although it may sound absurd, seeing your brand as a person helps you organise material and write descriptions with greater specificity.

Make a Model for Your Brand

Every Instagram photo you post should feature your logo prominently. The tone and colours of your brand are ___. Do you lean towards a bright, airy aesthetic with pastel colours, or do you prefer a more gritty, dark tone for your brand?

Once you’ve nailed this down, it will be easier to establish a visual standard by which all of your Instagram posts will be judged. Instagram includes tools for modifying photos, such as filters and effects, or you may use your own editing software.

Promote a Way of Life

Remember that Instagram is a social media tool in addition to a visual one. That implies feeds are mostly visited for social and connection purposes, rather than for advertising purposes.

This can be accomplished through the telling of a narrative. When you add an interesting tale or caption to a captivating photograph, the result is undeniable attention.
Keep the sales pitch to a minimum. In addition to pushing your goods, you should also market the identity of your company and the way of life it represents. Create material that not only interests your target demographic but also reveals more about your company.

Organise Your Feed

It’s not just about the posts themselves when it comes to coming up with great content. You should also think about how your page appears to visitors as a whole.

Including borders around individual pieces is one easy approach to improve the visual appeal of your content grid. Space or breathing room between images on a page can be added using borders. And, depending on your choice of borders, they can help bring your content’s visual style into harmony.

Experiment with Carousel Poles

A carousel post allows you to upload and publish up to 10 photographs at once, much like an online photo album or slideshow. The beauty of this style is that you don’t have to repeat yourself or try to fit all you want to say into a single image.

If you have a lot of information to provide, consider using Instagram’s Carousel feature to spread it across many photographs.

Be Imaginative When Telling Your Tales

Instagram Stories is where you can really show off your artistic side to the world.

Stories, which disappear after 24 hours, provide you more leeway to be yourself than the postings you make on your profile. You may make it even more interactive by using stickers to pose questions to the audience or to get votes on potential solutions.

It also has its own built-in text editor with a number of different fonts and formatting choices. There is a wide range of colours to pick from, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you may tap a colour swatch and swipe around a colour wheel.

Make Highlights Cover Photos

You may add Instagram Stories to your Highlights, but they will disappear after 24 hours.

You can find your Instagram Story Highlights just beneath your bio, making them an integral component of your profile. For this reason, it’s recommended that you choose cover photographs for your Highlights that are in keeping with the overall style of your website. The solution is simple: make and use your own cover images.