You have just gone live with your latest and greatest website, or perhaps your first.

Just where do you go to get your feet wet in the world of backlinks?

It’s true that you need to focus on content creation and user experience if you want your new site to rank, but link building is also crucial.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for your site and reputation to expand before you can start using some easy and strong link building tactics.

These are six of the most effective methods I’ve found for generating backlinks to a fresh website.

Read on to learn how to kick off your link profile with a bang.

Six Simple Methods to Begin Building Backlinks to Your Brand-New Website

Model your actions after those of your rivals

It may sound counterintuitive, but researching your rivals is actually the ideal strategy to begin constructing inbound links to your own site. Discovering their tactics will allow you to adopt the most successful ones for your own website.

Monitor Backlinks’s ability to monitor rival websites’ backlinks will come in handy in this situation.

If you have a Monitor Backlinks account (or want to try one out for free), you can get access to it there. using the menu item “Competitor Links” on the sidebar to the left.

To add additional rival domains, click the “+” button in the upper right.
By clicking on a competitor’s name, you can access their individual backlink profile.

Take Use of YouTube’s Massive Viewership

How popular are videos these days?

The majority of internet users (78%) view videos online at least once each week, with a sizable percentage (55%) doing so daily, as reported by HubSpot.

Additionally, Google will give YouTube more weight than other platforms because it is the second largest search engine in the world (behind Google, and owned by Google anyhow) with 1 billion daily video views. Therefore it seems that YouTube backlinks are useful.

Consultant in Marketing at Iconic Genius James Robinson concurs. His advice is as follows:

Include keywords in your video’s title, tags, description, and thumbnail for maximum exposure. The same goes for YouTube videos; you should provide links to others that are very related to the keywords you’ve chosen.

And that’s only the beginning.

You should make a video for your most vital material and promote both channels together.

Produce a podcast and make subscribing simple

Have you ever considered hosting a podcast on your site? Participating in industry communities is an excellent method to build relationships and gain backlinks.
If you want people to participate in your podcast, you should make it obvious that you’ll be publishing a transcription of each episode and asking guests to provide an image, brief bio, and website Link (if they have one).

There isn’t much of a learning curve involved in producing a podcast, and you can share it on a variety of sites to boost your profile’s visibility and attract more listeners.

Put HARO and SourceBottle to use

I, a sluggish writer with an affinity for SEO and a laundry list of chronic health conditions, was able to secure a few high-quality inbound links thanks to HARO.

Thus, why can’t you do the same?

Journalistic tools like HARO and SourceBottle make acquiring backlinks a breeze. To get featured on various websites, all you have to do is react to appropriate media queries for quotations via the daily or weekly free emails they send you.

When a writer or journalist offers to feature you on their website, they often need a photo and your website address (hello, backlink) in exchange.

Sometimes you’ll need to do some digging to find out if they give backlinks; for example, if all they gave you was the name of their publication, you’d have to Google it to find out if they do.

Strengthening Ties in the Community

In every industry, it’s best to get things going in the immediate vicinity.

More so if you’re a business owner or firm with a real location and link building.

Sarkis Hakopdjanian, Principal and Director of Strategy at The Business Clinic, employs this strategy whenever his firm launches a new client website and begins constructing an inbound link profile.

Scholarships Should Be Distributed

You can (and should) set loftier goals for your initial round of backlinks to a brand new website if you’re a huge corporation or have access to a sizable budget.

This link-building approach can be quite effective even if no one has heard of your business before, which usually implies fewer people will want to connect to your material (mainly for lack of trust).

Your domain’s strength and reputation will increase, and you’ll get connections from credible resources like universities and news outlets if you host a local scholarship.

Final Reflections

It’s not hard to build backlinks for a new site if you commit to doing so on a consistent basis.

If you can dedicate a certain amount of time each week or month to link building, you won’t have to worry too much about it, but it should still be included in your marketing tasks.

Go launch your site and watch as your rankings, traffic, and sales soar!