You may have heard that Facebook is being investigated for possible violations of its users’ privacy. Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) have unexpectedly announced changes to the information they send to third parties in an effort to lessen concerns around data privacy.

The most noticeable change right now is that Instagram abruptly disabled several features of its API:

This adjustment, which had been set to go into effect on July 31, was brought forward to yesterday.

How does this impact Mention, exactly?

The Application Programming Interface (API) of a given app provides programmers with entry to and usage of its many features. We use the Facebook and Instagram application programming interfaces to connect to those services.

We’d like to explain how these adjustments would influence your use of Mention’s services. Our Instagram capabilities will feel the most impact. Alterations made on Facebook have not had a significant effect thus far.

The complete list of affected Mention services is provided below. We’ll keep this list current and attempt to provide fixes for everything on it as soon as possible.

Instagram service updates

This adjustment impacts the vast majority of Mention’s Instagram capabilities. Among the social media you may monitor in this way are Instagram postings.

Listed below are some of the more pressing Instagram-related concerns being faced by Mention users right now.

In the Mention stream

Users of Mention at the moment:

Instagram likes and comments are hidden from you.
Not able to immediately like or comment on posts.

  • Use the “Influencers” menu item.

  • Users of Mention at the moment:

You can’t look at influencers’ photographs in the new Discovery section.
You won’t be able to view an influencer’s latest Instagram posts on their accounts.

In the Summaries

Users of Mention at the moment:

  • Disabled access to user feedback on posts
  • Not able to immediately like or comment on posts.
  • Instagram users (who just care about their personal account) may still see their social report.
  • Can’t make or see Instagram reports that compare to the competition

Changes on Facebook

No major changes have been made to Mention’s Facebook integration at this time. The main drawback is that Facebook competitor reports currently do not include recommendations.

This prevents you from developing any fresh, potentially disruptive Facebook reports at this time. The problem is temporary and will be resolved as soon as possible.

Is there something we’ve overlooked?

We will do our best to ensure that this list is always current and that all problems are resolved. If you discover a problem that isn’t addressed here, please contact [email protected] or your Account Manager.

Equal shares”

It’s not possible for everyone to pay for access to key opinion leaders. It might be helpful to look for individuals and companies who have certain characteristics with your own. In exchange for your likes, comments, and links, they may help you spread your message to a wider audience.

Identifying what value you bring to the table is essential if you want to collaborate with these individuals. Instagram isn’t the only platform for this.

Perhaps your Instagram page is still in its infancy, but your Facebook fan base is massive. If you linked to them on Facebook, would they promote your Instagram. Or perhaps they’d rather have five tweets?