Using Instagram’s comment section to engage with your audience and encourage them to share your posts is a terrific strategy to grow your following. Plus, they’re your only real option for starting a conversation in response to a post.
Increasing your Instagram profile’s activity is nearly always a smart idea. If more people are commenting on your posts, it means they are finding value in what you have to say.
Even consistent posting might not be sufficient. Buying likes on Instagram is nearly 100% useless, so instead, focus on getting genuine feedback from actual people. Fake feedback equals phoney purchases.

In this post, we’ll discuss several easy methods for attracting more readers, commenters, and followers.

Here are some novel approaches to get more Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

  • Hold a giveaway on Instagram
  • Please Reply to My Feedback
  • Promptly Inquire
  • Participate in “Tag to Win” and Comment Contests
  • Make use of Instagram’s Story features
  • Employ Specific Hashtags
  • Include some adorable pictures
  • Regular updates are needed.

Start an Instagram Contest

For a short period, participating companies on Instagram will provide free products or services to those who meet the promotion’s entry requirements (or “rules”). Instagram contests are a great way to spread the word about your business, gain exposure for your products or services, and interact with your existing and potential customer base.

Brand differentiation is a lot like customer relationship management. More exposure to the brand name increases consumer confidence and frequency of purchase. Consider hosting a contest on your feed if you want to fast increase the quantity of comments. This might range from a straightforward freebie to a more involved treasure hunt with certain requirements for participants. Think beyond the box to generate interest in your giveaway among your followers.

React to Your Suggestions

It’s not just courteous to reply to comments as they come in; doing so also encourages more conversation. How high a social media post will rank in the news feed and how many people will see it depend in part on how quickly its creator responds to comments posted on the post. If you respond quickly, more people will notice your response.


It’s easier to generate responses from your followers if you pose questions to them. If you want more comments on your social media postings, try asking your audience to complete a statement or question you pose. If you want to encourage healthy eating, for instance, you may pose the question.

Hold ‘Comment to Win’ and ‘Tag to Win’ Contests

Participation in social media platforms may be boosted by holding a contest. Make commenting a prerequisite for joining the contest if you’re doing it online. To achieve this, they simply only respond to one of your Instagram photos thoughtfully or tag a friend. Many people will want to participate in the giveaway, which will enhance the number of comments and the post’s exposure.

Make a Story on Instagram

An Instagram “Story” is a collection of media uploaded by the user and seen by the user’s followers. You may build polls, ask and answer questions, gauge sentiment, run a quiz, and more. It’s a straightforward method for getting feedback and expanding your fan base.

Utilize Specialized Hashtags

You may reach your intended consumers more effectively by using niche hashtags. You and your customers may use branded hashtags to promote your business on Instagram.

Get noticed in your specialised hashtag community. There’s a fair probability that your post will show up as a top post in the searches for the niche-specific hashtags you picked if your followers are engaging with the post and the other hashtags are keeping your content spiking with activity.

The likelihood of gaining followers increases if they enjoy what they see elsewhere on your profile. You may even make a sale from that single article if your product or service is exactly what they need.

Include some endearing images

Millions of individuals use Instagram to show off their photography skills every day.

Due to Instagram’s evolution as a visual platform for communicating with your audience, it has become a popular means of doing so. Furthermore, the platform has grown extremely competitive, particularly among would-be influencers seeking to expand their fan bases and activity levels.

You need to get creative if you want to increase your number of followers. But how can you get more people to interact with your posts on Instagram?

The solution lies in striking visuals.

Don’t be bashful about sharing the gorgeous pictures of your pet or the pictures of your newborn baby that you took, or anything else that will make others smile. There will undoubtedly be a lot of interest in it.

Update more regularly

Instagram: How Often Should You Post? According to certain research, the more active you are on Instagram, the more likes you will get. However, you should exercise caution or strike a balance while publishing, since doing so too frequently (more than ten times a day) has the potential to irritate your followers. Because of this, they may decide to unfollow you.

Maintaining a regular publication schedule is crucial. It’s preferable to publish less frequently but consistently if you don’t think you can keep up with many posts each day. In a nutshell, it’s still preferable to be consistent.

The best ways to increase your Instagram comments are those listed above. They are all straightforward to do out and shouldn’t demand too much of your time.

If you want more followers, likes, and comments on Instagram, by all means, try it out.