The Instagram Verified Badge is a rare and valuable social status indicator that is still elusive and difficult to obtain. It’s the desired blue tick mark next to an Instagram handle in both the search results and the profile itself. This symbol adds credibility to your brand and sets you apart from imitators.

However, this raises the question of how to get Instagram verification and whether or not you meet the standards. If these are things that have been bothering you, you’ve come to the correct place. All the information you need to earn that coveted blue badge and reap the benefits of Instagram verification can be found in this comprehensive tutorial.

How To Get Your Instagram Account Verified, Step By Step?

The Instagram Verification Badge is a sign of credibility and popularity that many users strive to achieve. Instagram allows anyone to request the verified badge, but the account in question is known to be particularly selective about who actually receives it.

Instagram, in contrast to other platforms, is rather direct in its approach, awarding the blue badge solely to accounts that are highly susceptible to impersonation. Keep in mind that the Instagram Verified Badge is not for sale, so be wary of any “agents” that try to sell you one.

Instagram’s verification process is quite selective. You may be eligible for a verification badge if you meet certain criteria. Verify your eligibility for this badge before submitting an application.

Instagram profiles must be associated with a legitimate person or company

Prompt and Full: In order to be considered for the Instagram Verified Badge, your account must be both public and active, with all required fields filled out and a profile picture uploaded.
Your Instagram account must be one of a kind and serve a meaningful purpose. Verification processes tend to skip over meme pages, fan accounts, and other forms of entertainment media.
Instagram does not appreciate paid or sponsored content. Therefore, your profile should represent a well-known entity.
This guide will help you get verified on Instagram whether you meet all requirements or are just willing to take a chance. There are only five easy actions to complete to complete the verification process.

Here’s the method you should use.

Get on Instagram by firing up the app and signing in

To access the hamburger menu, select it from the upper right. The Settings window will then appear.
The “Request Verification” button can be accessed via the “Account” menu item.
You’ll be asked to fill out some basic information, including your full name, your “known as” name (or working name), and the field or industry in which you work. After that, a picture of your valid government ID will be required. For people, acceptable forms of identification include driver’s licences and passports. A tax return, legitimate business paperwork, or utility bill will suffice for a business.
Check your information for accuracy, and then hit “Send” to send off your application.
After submitting your application, Instagram will evaluate it and let you know the results in the notifications section. Instagram will never contact you by email, ask for payment, or make any other form of contact due to the prevalence of scammers in the past and present.

How to Get Your Instagram Account Verified?

Wondering what it takes to earn Instagram’s coveted blue verification badge? We’ve got you covered.

Finish Your Instagram Account

Complete your Instagram profile by adding a business-related bio and a representative photo. If you want the Instagram team to assess your profile faster, including your company logo or, if you’re an individual, your photo.

One of the best ways to get more of the right kind of followers is to fill up your profile completely.

Create your online profiles

A blue checkmark on another platform is no guarantee of being given one on Instagram, but it does help establish credibility.

So, adopt a shotgun strategy to connecting with the audience and create social profiles with a consistent voice and theme. Professional social media services in Gurgaon can help you stay active and publish regularly even if your team is understaffed or preoccupied with other duties.

Be real and stand out

Instagram’s standards are easy to understand, and the platform is notoriously selective about whose accounts it verifies. Therefore, it is beneficial to be credible and well-known, as this will increase the likelihood that you will be validated. You can only create an account if you are an actual person or a legitimate company.

Although anyone can submit an application for a blue badge, that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be granted one. People should be able to easily find you or your product online through a search engine. In addition, participation in promotional material does not qualify.

Never, ever pay for a “Verified” badge on Instagram

Instagram verification requests can only be submitted within the app or through Facebook’s media partners. Don’t try to cut corners by doing things like paying your way in.

Adopting such strategies can squander your money and have you penalised for violating IG requirements, reducing your verification odds.

In conclusion, IG verification sets you apart from the competition and facilitates communication with your target audience. Given the high value of the badge and the extensive preparation and work involved in earning it, you should be motivated beyond mere curiosity to get started.