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Instagram: Do You Know the Protocol? When and how to use Instagram the Right Way

Instagram’s analytics speak for themselves, whether you’re trying to advertise, promote your business, or simply increase interaction. If you can pull off the correct moves, your influence might be far-reaching.
The downside of having access to such a large prospective audience is the increased competition it creates for gaining and maintaining that audience’s interest. It’s like attempting to catch a school of fish that’s on the move. They’re everywhere, and they appear to be easy pickings, but they’re also travelling at breakneck speeds. Getting a hold of one is no guarantee that you won’t lose it. read more

How To Use TikTok For Your Local Business?

If you’re having trouble promoting your brick-and-mortar business on TikTok, this is the only resource you’ll need. We’ll show you the nuts and bolts of what you can do to promote your local business on TikTok.
Many people assume that only major corporations can afford to employ TikTok as a marketing strategy. It’s partly accurate. Yet, this doesn’t mean that local businesses can’t benefit from using TikTok. To reach consumers on TikTok, you don’t need a significant marketing investment. You may not need to spend a lot of money on TikTok ads if you rely on organic promotion instead. A few clues are all you need to know. read more

Comparision Of TikTok vs Reels

Engagement on regular, in-feed posts has dropped by 44% since the introduction of Instagram Reels, according to a recent analysis of 81 million posts. Brands and influencers are feeling stressed out about how to quickly incorporate this feature into their content strategy in light of the recent decline in engagement. After all, Instagram Reels often seem to be the only way to get noticed on the app these days. read more

Reasons Why Your Small Company Shouldn’t Have A Social Media Page

For a company of any size, one of the most powerful resources is social media.

I’ve seen many local companies fail miserably at managing their online presence.

Firstly, it’s inconsistent.

One of the main causes is internal inconsistency. There are several forms that might take. The largest one is when a firm becomes excited about social media or has an employee eager to take it on, but then either that employee quits or the business loses its passion. read more