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Monthly Archives: February 2023

How To Fix TikTok Is Not Working?

If you are having trouble with the app or suspect that TikTok is down, there is a way to confirm whether or not the app is actually experiencing technical difficulties.

In case you were feeling like you were one of the unlucky users, know that you are not alone. Occasionally, you may experience issues when trying to use TikTok due to server issues, bugs, or other similar issues. This will cause problems with the app. If you try to access your TikTok account, for instance, you can see a warning that says you’ve been banned from the servers and so cannot like videos or log in. read more

Social media tools that modern marketers can’t do without

How Do You Define Social Media Marketing?

One form of advertising that has recently gained popularity is known as “social media marketing,” and it involves distributing ads through social media platforms. Professionals in the marketing industry may utilise it to communicate with their existing clientele and win over new ones. There is a possibility of incorporating affiliate marketing into social media campaigns. Instagram affiliate marketing, for instance, is becoming increasingly common. read more

Strategies to increase conversions using email marketing and social media integration

Digital marketers that specialise in either social media or email marketing are simple to discover. Finding businesses who are utilising both channels simultaneously is a challenge.

Although multichannel marketing has been acknowledged as the future, few marketers are utilising both social media and email to achieve KPIs more quickly. You’re missing out on a huge audience by limiting your marketing efforts to email alone, since 3.96 billion individuals are currently active on social media. You also can’t ignore the fact that 59% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on daily emails if you’re operating a social media marketing campaign. read more