My Sewing Studio

Today I’m participating in Christina (2 Little Hooligans)’s Sewing Spaces series. I signed up for this months ago in hopes that I would be motivated to make my space pretty. Turns out that I’d much rather sew than decorate my sewing studio. Of course I still have plans to add a little more personality, but… Continue reading

LouBeeClothing Week // Giveaway

Freebie Friday is Glitter+Wit's weekly post offering something free. Free pattern, free printable, flash giveaways; you get the idea--always something free. All I ask in exchange for my Freebie Friday goodies is your support: Like Glitter+Wit on Facebook and Share this post: Check out my Etsy shop: Follow Glitter+Wit on Instagram, Bloglovin', and Pinterest:   Visit Tasha... Continue reading