Hello!  Welcome to my brand new blog; a place in which I intend to document the sewing projects that keep me so stressed out (and the projects that don’t stress me out at all)!  I’m Tasha.  Read more about me here. One thing I’d like to address immediately is the name of my blog.  I Seam… Continue reading

KCW Days 6&7

Yeah, days six and seven didn’t really happen.  But I’m still super proud of myself for completing five days!  On Saturday I cut out pieces for some teeny tiny shoes for baby boy, and I sewed them together on Sunday morning.  I still need to add some snaps and something fun and/or personalized.  So, technically… Continue reading

KCW Day Five

Phew.  It’s still before 2pm and I’ve finished today’s project; a simple little tank from True Bias.  I discovered this pattern through Cherie at you and mie. When I read that the pattern was free and only available in size 2T, I knew I had to make it!   I used fabric leftover from the first crib sheet I made… Continue reading

KCW Day Four

This dress!  I don’t know what happened, but it turned into a nightmare for me.  I worked on this for several hours yesterday.  I intended to do buttons and buttonholes, but by the time 9pm rolled around, I was just ready to be finished with it.  So, snaps.  Again.  And yes, it does need a good press…. Continue reading

KCW Day Three

Here’s my KCW Spring 2013 Day Three item!  I actually made the bulk of this top on Tuesday alongside Day Two’s tank.  I finished it last night.  I think I like this one more than the other.  Again, way too big for Emerson, but that’s better than too small!