Marvin the Martian: PR&P Season 11, Week Two

This week’s theme is Cosplay Craze. If you aren’t familiar with cosplay, it is basically costumed roleplay of characters. Any character, really. I chose Marvin the Martian to be my cosplay inspiration. In real cosplay, everything about the character is taken on by the wearer–fine costume details, mannerisms, speech. You basically BECOME the character. However, for this PR&P theme, we were instructed to create a wearable, everyday outfit simply inspired by cosplay. Here’s my Marvin the Martian look!

For The Story and The Sewing, visit the voting post at Project Run and Play (and vote for me!!).

The Patterns:
My own eared hat pattern, modified
Tinny Dress by StraightGrain
Blake Dress by Mingo & Grace
Abby’s Trailblazing Socks by The Wolf and the Tree

The Fabrics:
green ponte and sweatshirt fabrics
yellow-gold t-shirt yarn
pink cloud prink swim fabric
hot pink techno knit

The Location:
Lakeside hiking trail just north of Springfield, MO

The Girl:
my own!

093_2The Photoshoot:
151_2 158_2 165_2100_2
133_2016_6 030_2 037_2 033_2 046_2109_2 085_2 106_2 080_2071_2 073_2 075_2 077_2The Details:
To avoid inadvertently creating a Christmas outfit, I took Marvin the Martian’s red and green ensemble and toned it down to a softer green and pink. I kept the most important Marvin the Martian features (pleated skirt and amazing headpiece), and added some more interesting details elsewhere (color blocked bodice and use of cool space-y cloud print).173_3 172_3
A real drawstring! Honestly, I have never done a drawstring because I was afraid I would mess it up. No big deal! I see many more drawstrings in my future. You’ll also notice that my green pieces have some crazy stitching on them. I thought it would be fun to do some unconventional stitching, since Marvin the Martian is a cartoon character. 174_3

That’s all! If there is anything you have a question about, please ask in the comments. Please be sure to check out the other designers’ looks and vote for your favorite (me me me, I hope) on the Project Run and Play blog.

And of course, The Nope:

6 Comments Marvin the Martian: PR&P Season 11, Week Two

  1. Deborah

    I like the t-shirt yarn trim. Could you do a blog post about how you do that around a neck and armhole edge? It intrigues me. I like the pom-om you created too. You got my vote…
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give


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