Project Run and Play, Season 11

Project Run and Play is back! As you may have noticed, I am a competitor this year. We received the themes a few weeks ago. How are things going? Well… as with every other project I’ve ever worked on, I’m procrastinating. Yep. The post with week one’s looks goes live in five days and I have not sewn a stitch. Am I worried? Not at all! I’ve been thinking about the themes a lot, and I have weeks one and two sketched out. Besides, pulling things from my ass at the last minute has worked pretty well for me in the past. Ha!

Here are the themes for this season:
Week One: Nothing but Knit
Week Two: Cosplay Craze
Week Three: All That Glitters
Week Four: Signature Style

And the designers competing are:
ME! Glorious, talented, beautiful ME. [Don’t mind me, just trying to amp myself up here. Fake it ’til you make it!]
RaeAnna Goss from Sewing Mama Rae Anna
Annika Ferk from The Naeh Connection
Melissa Uribe from Sew Like My Mom
Ren Murphy from The Inspired Wren
Courtney Davis from Sweeter than Cupcakes

I think this season of Project Run and Play is going to be amazing! If nothing else, I hope to make it to week two so you can see my cosplay-inspired look. You want a hint? Think MARS. As for the other themes, I am not one hundred percent sure what I will sew. They will probably (definitely) be for the girl. They will probably (definitely) be what I want to sew, instead of what I think will win. They will probably (definitely) be photographed with my cell phone, because ain’t nobody got time for that. Kidding, not kidding… who knows. I’m in a mood.

Tune in to to watch the competition go down all next month. xo

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