Ishi Dress Pattern by Straight Grain

The Ishi Dress. Also known as the dress I hounded An about for months. And then I got the pattern, printed the pattern and… nothing. For weeks. Of course, I was busy with a craft show and blah blah blah. I finally got around to making my long-awaited Ishi Dress and I am more than pleased with the result. I’m actually kind of obsessed. I have zero negative things to say about the pattern. I want my next Ishi to be color blocked, though I really do like the subtle seaming result of using just one fabric as I’ve done here. Check it.
Ishi Dress pattern sewn by Glitter+WitIshi Dress has BIG pocketsDress: Ishi Dress pattern by Straight Grain
Shoes: Converse
Crown: Glitter+Wit (I have a new web shop-woohoo!)
031 036My girl is three and a half years old with measurements of 20″- 20.5″- 22″. Her height is about 37″. Yep. She’s pretty slim! These measurements put her in the 3T height and 18m width for the Ishi pattern, so I compromised and sewed up the 2T size. I chose the short sleeve, slanted pocket options. Since I was determined to use a knit (and also determined to be as lazy as possible) I chose neither the zipper or button back, and instead eliminated the back center seam allowances and cut it as one piece. I did have to adjust the neckline to fit over her head.
045_1_1 Ishi Dress detailThe fabric is a scuba knit. It’s pretty thick, so the sleeve, pocket, and dress hems are all turned once instead of twice before stitching. I also made my own facing pattern pieces for the neckline. I sewed most seams on my serger and the entire dress only took about an hour of sewing! I think I can probably get that down to forty minutes next time. ;)
014 028 Glitter and Wit Sketch Crown HeadbandPhoto sessions with this girl lately are PHEW… let’s just say I can’t wait until this threenager business is over with.

An- I love the Ishi Dress pattern; it’s even better than I imagined. Thanks so much for having me on your tour!

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14 Comments Ishi Dress Pattern by Straight Grain

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  2. Barbara

    waaaauw!! This is a really stunning ishi!! Really perfect! The fabric seams fantastic, where did you find it? It will probably be very far away from any Belgian (web)shop, but still I am curieus :-)

  3. Jenny

    Oh man! THAT is adorable, as is your little girl … and now I have to make one in scuba knit too! Actually I’d like one exactly like this in MY size!

  4. Leslie

    I’m so glad to see your awesome version of this dress in knit! I remember seeing the first incarnation on An’s blog in knit, and I’ve been wondering how to try it. Thanks for the tips.

    Threenager. Yes indeed — I have one of those, too.

  5. An (StraightGrain)

    I just wanted to come back and say again how much I LOVE your dress. The fabric choice is simply brilliant, and so is the styling. Thank you so much for being on the blog tour! xo


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