Today I’m competing in a competition of sorts, but don’t worry–I’m not asking for your votes!

JUST ADD DETAIL is a friendly challenge put on by Madeit Patterns and Needle and Ted. Participating bloggers were each given a copy of the Ziggy pattern and instructed to JUST ADD DETAIL. We’ve all kept our creations secret from one another, so it’ll be interesting to see if any duplicate details emerge (in which case, great minds…).


For my Ziggy, I kept it simple. I added some shoulder frills, though I’m not sure if they should really be called frills since I left them ungathered. I also finished the neckline and hem with fold over elastic, and added elastic to bring in the waist a bit. I also finished the sleeves with cuffs, but the sleeves were too long for my girl so I’ve turned them up in these photos. Enjoy!

ziggy3 ziggy1 ziggy10 ziggy8Having previously sewn the Florence top pattern, I am always so impressed with the quality of Madeit Patterns. MMM so good. You’ll notice that I had to roll the sleeves here. Never fear–the issue is not with the pattern, but with my brain. Girl is growing so quickly that I got a bit ahead of myself with the size chart!
ziggy11 ziggy7 ziggy6 ziggy2

You can get your own copy of the Zippy pattern at 20% off this week (March 23-29) only.
That’s all, folks. Definitely go check out all the other Ziggies:


And, because I am simply in love with this boy:

15 Comments ZIGGY.

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  2. Ajaire

    Girlfriend’s face in that first pic!! She is gorgeous. I love the shoulder frills (and yes they’re plenty frilly even without a ruffle) and cinching the waist is genius. Your photography slays me. Great job as usual!

  3. Ines

    Just perfect! Your style rocks. I love everything you make and this is no exception. Great detail on the sleeve and love the cinched waist lots. <3

  4. nina

    i like your version. as allways great pictures. fold over elastic is someting i never thought about, a clever way to finish the neck opening and the hem!

  5. Anna Bruce

    Love that your frills aren’t ruffled and they look great raw edge.
    I think your colour choice is fab as always, really original great job!

  6. Olu

    I’m so glad you treated us with your daughters signature grumpy look in the final picture. I was holding out for that.

    The sleeves are AMAZING!!!! I’m going to quietly admit, I have never heard of fold over elastic.


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