Blank Space Shorts/ Sew in Tune

Welcome to the best and worst post ever! I’m participating in this year’s installment of the Sew In Tune sewing series, hosted by Melly Sews and Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! Basically, a week filled with handmade outfits inspired by music. Pretty freaking awesome.
blank-space-shorts-2But why is the the best and worst post ever? Because what I made is one of my favorite things ever, but the post is ehhh. Brief explanation: lost my camera, borrowed a camera, couldn’t use most files, ordered a new camera, camera delivered 18 hours before this post goes live, take photos, daughter suddenly develops hand foot and mouth disease symptoms, must edit jpgs (because photoshoot won’t open raw files) QUICKLY because daughter is waking every ten minutes.
blank-space-shorts-1So I’ll do a little typing here and then let the outfit speak for itself. The song I chose to sew along to is Blank Space by Taylor Swift. The song is so great and I knew as soon as I saw the video that I wanted to make ALL THE THINGS Ms. Swift wears. I actually have another TSWIFT inspired outfit coming to the blog next month, because I couldn’t decide on just one! I settled on the outfit that makes a very small appearance midway through the video (see video here) — high-waisted purple shorts (Blank Space shorts is permanently in my search bar) and a cropped yellow sweater. I even made some burgundy shoes and a rhinestone hair clip!
blank-space-shorts-7 blank-space-shorts-6The top is a pattern hack of the Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads, covered in hot-glued jewels. I wasn’t expecting her to wear this again, but she LOVES it so now I’ve got to glue them on with something that will last.
blank-space-shorts-10 blank-space-shorts-11 blank-space-shorts-4The shorts are self-drafted. I wanted them to be as similar to the original ($1000!?) shorts as possible. Because E is the same measurement at the waist and the hip, I had to add suspender straps to ensure they stayed up at the waist. I had her wear the straps under her top for these photos, but the suspender look is just as cute.
blank-space-shorts-8 blank-space-shorts-5The shoes are Delia Creates’ Natty Janes, graded up to fit my size 8 girl, and with a slight change to the ties.
blank-space-shorts-12 blank-space-shorts-13The hair clip is just a bunch of rhinestones hot glued to a piece of leather hot glued to an alligator clip.
blank-space-shorts-9 blank-space-shorts-3I actually had to do a bit of research to see what the Blank Space shorts and sweater really looked like, since the video doesn’t show the front. And by a bit of research, I mean that I obsessed over it. A bit. ;) Which Blank Space outfit is your favorite?

To see the other Sew In Tune outfits posted today, check out this roundup post at Melly Sews.

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  1. Stacey

    Some times things just don’t go as planned and yet, this came out beautifully, Tasha! As if loosing one’s camera were not enough, that Hand, Foot, and Mouth is no joke. Poor kiddo! On the upside, those shorts are darling (would love to see them with the suspenders out) as well as those darling, little shoes. I’m not much of a bling wearing girl, but I’d kill for that jeweled top! Great job mamma!

  2. Laura

    My 4-year-old and I love watching the Blank Space video and drooling over the clothes. Gets a bit awkward when it comes to “mommy why is she stabbing a cake” but, hey! FASHION!

    On a side note, I just wanted to share my DEEPEST condolences on the hand foot mouth thing. Been there, done that, and I would not wish that on anyone!!! I hope it’s over quickly.

  3. Jen

    I love this! Those shorts are so so adorable! Sorry for all of your troubles… there is nothing worse than that when there is a deadline. :)

  4. Teresa

    Those shorts are great! I would wear them in my size for sure! You’ll have to show us some shots with the suspenders outside sometime! Hope your girl feels better soon!

  5. Monica

    I knew this would be awesome, but it was more awesome than I expected! Your photos are always gorgeous. (Hope she feels better soon, that part sucks)

    1. Glitter+Wit

      YOUR photos are always gorgeous. I really wanted to get her outside for this post, but my camera missed the 70 degree weather by a day, and I couldn’t make her wear shorts in 40 degrees. Hehe.

  6. Courtney

    So awesome, lady! E6000 is the way to go for the gems, trust me I got rhinestone obsessed a couple weeks ago and read possibly every website in the world. BUT….it does stink pretty bad. So what may be safer around kiddos (& you!) is Gem Tac. That’s what I used on my completely rhinestoned bra for Cherry Bomb. They may fall off after a few washings but she grows so fast anyway…

  7. Christie

    I love it all so much! Such attention to detail! Wonderful job and I love that you made everything. She’s a doll. I hope she gets better quickly! No fun at all!

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  9. Jenya

    Of course E loves her top! It is awesome! I absolutely love the shorts. Well done on making the shoes as well. I love reading how you get your inspiration :)


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