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SO, I made a LOT of things this year that never made it to the blog (although almost all of them have been photographed). The following post originally appeared on As It Seams as part of the Take One Dress sewing series. I suddenly had the urge to share all the unshared 2015 things, so expect to see more from me before the year is gone. Enjoy the million photos I tacked onto the end for you! xo

As my daughter says to the cashier and bagger at the grocery checkout, “hey guys; it’s ME!!!” But seriously, I’m Tasha, I blog at Glitter+Wit, and I am pumped to be a part of the Take One Dress series. In case you missed the dress Renee picked as my inspiration, here it is:

6a4631528c0d9ea7bba4a7d320457443You can find Renee’s pin for this Mini Boden dress here.

I usually love all the Mini Boden things I come across on Pinterest, but this one just wasn’t really speaking to me. I pulled myself together and ended up with something I feel really draws from the inspiration, but is still ME. And looking at the inspiration again, I can see that I may have been subconsciously influenced by the orange on the shoes! Ha!
glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-9I modified the [Baby] Hummingbird Dress pattern by Rabbit Rabbit Creations to create this fun little dress. I added the mismatched collar, faux belt, and rosettes. I also reduced the width of the elastic casing, lengthened the straps to create a crossed back, and pleated the skirt with my pleating foot (instead of gathering).glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-8 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-7The hem was a happy accident that resulted in the perfect full twirly skirt. For the photoshoot, I told E she had to wear the dress but she could choose the accessories. Of course she picked her STYLO hat (her “rain hat”) and bright red shoes &  neon green socks. Kids will be kids!glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-11glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-3The entire dress is knit (vintage!), which pretty much means that it ended up a little too big. I took up the straps a bit but didn’t adjust the elastic. She’ll be wearing this one through next Summer!

Next on the Take One Dress line-up is Laura from Behind the Hedgerow. My inspiration for Laura is one of my very favorite dresses ever–the dress I made for my daughter’s 18 month photos. I made this  dress about a month into my sewing/blogging adventure, and it’s the dress that helped solidify my own personal sewing style. Have fun, Laura! And of course, thanks so much for adding me to the series, Victoria!

NOTE: You can see the dress Laura was inspired to make here. It’s pretty stinking awesome.
Here are the million extra photos I promised!
Take One Dress glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-2 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-4 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-5 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-6 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-10 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-12 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-13 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-14 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-15 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-16 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-17 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-18 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-19 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-20 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-21


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  1. Jeannie

    I love the photos, and the pretty dress. I also like the hummingbird dress. Mostly, I love the hat! Did you make it? Can you point me to a pattern, please? Thank you!!


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