All I Want for Christmas is the Florence Pattern

I know the grumpy face is your favorite, so I put it front and center this time. ;)

There is a lot of really important information about this post that I’m afraid I will forget if I don’t put it up here at the top. Read it now:

This post is part of a pattern tour! Myself + ten other talented bloggers have each sewn up the Florence blouse pattern by Madeit Patterns. This tour is a little bit different for a few reasons: 1. Pattern designer Anna does not have a blog. Our friend Olu @ Needle and Ted does have a blog. She was so smitten with Anna’s patterns that she decided to collaborate with Anna and host a tour for her. And that’s not all! 2. The Florence tour is also a bit of a contest. Each of the 11 participating bloggers are actually vying for your love and affection. It’s really not all that different than a normal blog post, really (wait–I’m the only person who blogs for strangers’ e-love and e-affection?!). 3. We’ve even been given a theme around which to base our Florences–Christmas! Each Florence you’ll see this week is a look inspired in some way by the holiday season.

More important things:

“Vote” for your favorite Florence on the competition page located ->here<-.
Sew your own holiday Florence and post a photo to the Madeit Patterns Facebook page by the end of January to perhaps win another MadeIt pattern.
Save 20% off all Madeit patterns all week by clicking the button below and using code TOUR20.
20 percent off

Seriously, now. Here’s my Christmas-inspired Florence blouse and a brief overview of the changes I made + exactly what make is “Christmas-y.” And also a million photos. I took two million, expecting to only get a few good ones. Turns out that a million of them were good and I couldn’t bear to leave any out. Don’t mind the tears–just a typical day in the life of a (almost) three-year-old.
florence-7 florence-18I decided to style my modified Florence two different ways–both are basically over-the-top, but it seems that over-the-top is where my sewing is venturing lately. I’ll go ahead and give away the big “Christmas-y” bit. The colors, of course! Lightweight reddish-pink linen with one continuous strip of green piping detail, plus three of my coveted green and gold vintage buttons. I think the floral design on the buttons tends to add to the Christmas vibe. I do wish I had four buttons as the pattern calls for, but I couldn’t stand to put any other buttons with this blouse.
florence-6 florence-5 florence-4 florence-3 florence-2 florence-1The first styled look is the Florence tucked into the green tutu skirt I made for STYLO last Spring. E has had quite the growth spurt this month and nearly everything I’ve made for her is too small. Of course, I didn’t even think about that before we started this photoshoot. In an ideal world, the shorts wouldn’t peek out beneath the skirt. However, the show must go on! Neither of the two looks I’m sharing today are something that E would wear to preschool or the grocery store (though each piece separately would make the everyday cut). If the tutu wasn’t too small, she’d probably wear it +the Florence (+some warm tights) to our church Christmas party. [Psssst! I’ll be listing this tutu for sale on my Pre-Loved page, where you can find all the other outgrown-handmade I’ve got for sale…]

The Christmas-ness of this Florence is so incredibly apparent–and so are the changes I made to the pattern (well, unless you don’t know what the original Florence looks like. Click here for a quick reference). Some of these changes aren’t visible with the blouse tucked in, so be sure to scroll on down to see exactly what I’m talking about.

My changes to the Florence pattern were:
shortening sleeves
adding fullness to the back
creating a high-low hemline
adding a baby snap to keep the collar in place behind the bow
the addition of one continuous piece of piping between the front panels, around the shoulders, and across the bottom of the yoke
(that last bit was SO difficult to work out. I had a bit of trouble, and it definitely isn’t perfect. BUT I’m so happy I tried because it looks just like I imagined it would!)

And now enjoy one million photos. Don’t forget to check out the other Florence blouses all week long on the competition page at Needle and Ted (and of course leave comments there about your favorites!) I forgot to mention–I was very impressed with this pattern. It has been a long time since I’ve sewn something so…professional? That’s not exactly the word I need, but this blouse is like… a real blouse! I kind of can’t believe I made it (or maybe that I made something so legit, so quickly). Have you guys tried a Madeit pattern?
florence-17 florence-16 florence-13 florence-11 florence-10 florence-9 florence-12florence-21 florence-15 florence-14 florence-22 florence-30 florence-29 florence-27 florence-26 florence-25 florence-24 florence-23 florence-20 florence-19

27 Comments All I Want for Christmas is the Florence Pattern

  1. Olu

    Your post seriously cracks me up and has put a huge smile on my face. Not only have I been laughing all the way through at you wit but I have been smiling at the gorgeous outfits you have created.

    Thank you so much for being part of the tour and an extra thank you for getting your post up on time as I know you a one busy lady.

    1. Glitter+Wit

      Thank you so much, Olu! It’s the best when funny people think you’re funny. Ha! I am so glad I decided to participate, such a fantastic pattern. Thanks for introducing me!

  2. Toya

    It gives me a headache just thinking about that piping, but the combination with the added fullness in the back is just dreamy. I will definitely be making one like this soon. Gorgeous fabrics too.

  3. Mie @ Sewinglikemad

    Daaaaaang this is AMAZING!!!! And you just won my heart 100% with that continuous piping yeeeeeees!!!! This pattern looks great!!

  4. Teri

    She is such a doll – tears and all! This version of the Florence is perfectly over the top just like you said, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that is so much fun to wear at Christmas :)

  5. Kim

    Oh my gosh and somehow I am to compete with this! No seriously it’s adorable! Fun! And cute : ) I do love that pouty look at the top. She is so cute! I think I really love it pared with the tulle skirt!

  6. Ajaire

    I love this even more every time I see it. The colors are so perfect – with and without the skirt. I can totally relate with child-picture-taking-angst, but these turned out gorgeous!

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  8. Trisha

    I love the green details added! Those buttons are great. Thanks for participating in the OTT challenge at Pattern Revolution!


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