Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads

My friend Laura of Titchy Threads and Craftstorming has done it again! Meet the Rowan Tee–a unisex tee for sizes 6m-12y with tons of options. Long sleeves or short, sewn or cuffed hems, shoulder or arm stripes (or none at all), chest or kangaroo pocket (or of course no pocket), ribbed neckline or hood; Laura did the math and there are 144 possible combinations. You could literally make 144 shirts that would EACH be different. And then you could make all 144 in each size. That’s 2016 shirts if you were wondering. Make 5.5 shirts per day and you’ll be finished in a year. Okay, sorry–I like math.
rowan-tee-117 rowan-tee-15This shirt is such a quick and easy sew, but with an impressive result. I chose the cuffed hems and was able to use my serger for everything except the kangaroo pocket and topstitching (I topstitched EVERYTHING). It took me about an hour (will probably only take 30-40 minutes next time (20-30/shirt if I work assembly line style! (which means I could potentially sew 2 hours per day to finish my 2016 Rowan Tee shirts))). Okay, I’m getting carried away. Let’s talk about the shirt.
rowan-tee-10 rowan-tee-7Pattern: Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads
Size/View: 12-18m/long sleeves, cuffed sleeve and bodice hems, kangaroo pocket, shoulder stripes, no hood.
Fabric: Some diagonal striped knit I bought locally a year ago + a greenish grey knit that just won’t get used up (also used for the Betty Top, Pretty in Peplum Dress, and STYLO shirt).
rowan-tee-12 rowan-tee-13I used a stretch triple stitch for all my topstitching and it worked great as an alternative to the dreaded double needle. This is the twentieth thing I’ve sewn using a Titchy Threads pattern (see most of my previous TT sews here), which has to say something about Laura’s patterns, right? They are always so meticulously drafted and explained. After the first go with each pattern I rarely have to refer back to the instructions–the construction methods are so intuitive. I will be making many more Rowan Tee shirts (though perhaps not 2016).
rowan-tee-16 rowan-tee-14This boy is currently somewhere between 12m and 18m sized clothing; I sewed the 12-18m Rowan Tee and the fit is just what I was hoping for–something that will last him through Winter! I’ll admit that sewing for F is not something I’ve been excited about. It’s simply more fun to sew for my daughter! However, I am actually feeling optimistic about sewing his wardrobe (as I do for E) after having sewn a Rowan Tee. It’s just perfect. And you’ve GOT to check out my Rowan Tee tour-mates. The schedule (and a tip for getting a discount) are below. If ever you need Rowan inspiration, you can find it in this tour!
Rowan Tee Pattern Tour (1)And of course, here are a million more photos of my little guy and his Rowan Tee. Enjoy!
rowan-tee-8 rowan-tee-6 rowan-tee-5 rowan-tee-4 rowan-tee-3 rowan-tee-2 rowan-tee-1

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  1. Laura

    I like your thinking with making one in each combination in every size, so funny. If there’s anyone who could do it I think it’d be you :) I think that’s what F is asking for in that last photo actually and he’s so cute I’m not sure you should say no. This T-shirt is amazing so you’ve set high standards for the other 2015. Thanks for being on the tour!

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