Pretty in Peplum Dress by Sew Much Ado

Several weeks ago I tested Sew Much Ado’s newest pattern, the Pretty in Peplum Dress & Top. It’s a pattern for knits and comes with several different options (top or dress, long, mid-length, or short sleeves). If you have a toddler and would like to age her by twelve years, then definitely sew up the dress! I’m kidding, but then again check out my 2.5 year old in this photo. Seriously?
pretty-in-peplum-pattern-13Pattern: Pretty in Peplum Dress & Top by Sew Much Ado
Size & View: 18/24m width and 2T length. NOTE: I sewed this dress during pattern testing, and the final pattern has been adjusted to add more length.
Fabric: I’m so low on fabric that even my husband told me I need to buy more. Bodice fabric also used for this dress and this romper. Skirt fabric also used for this STYLO shirt and this girls’ top.

[Here’s the part where I tell you that this post has been sitting in my draft folder for months and I’m not actually sure what else I wanted to write about it. It’s a great pattern, truly. I have less and less time to blog, so just enjoy all these photos instead of words. xo]

pretty-in-peplum-pattern-12 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-11 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-10 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-9 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-8 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-7 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-6 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-5 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-4 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-3 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-2 pretty-in-peplum-pattern-1

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