Match With Me // Mother-Son Color Blocking

There’s a super fun sewing series happening this week. ‘Match With Me‘ is a week-long series featuring mother/son outfits from several of your favorite sewing bloggers. [I’m one of your favorites, right? Right.] The series is hosted by Stacey at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy–and she kicked off the week with her very own mother/son outfit yesterday.

I must admit that this series really crept up on me and I wish I hadn’t procrastinated quite so much. The result is less of a matching look and more of a general approach on the subject. Not the same fabrics. Not the same type of garments. Simply two color blocked pieces. And I even cheated a bit–recognize that pink skirt?


Yep, I didn’t make something new for myself. Instead, I turned my nine-month-old-but-hardly-worn Caroline Dress into a simple skirt with elastic waistband. I was actually starting to wean F when I made the dress, and so it was entirely too big in a matter of weeks. I do still love the colors and am happy I’ll be able to wear them again.

mother-son-outfits-8 mother-son-outfits-7

I did make something new for the boy one, however. I remixed the Spruce Shorts pattern by Zuzzy Patterns to create a pair of stretch denim suspender pants. These are the 12-18m size, with added length, slimmed legs, and a slight dropped crotch. For he and I to “match” for the series, I added darker denim tuxedo stripes to his pants. And that white thing on the back is a twill tape tab. Just because. Of course, I made these pants at nearly the last minute, while the children slept. This means I totally eyeballed the changes I made. The pants are waywayway too slim. Confession–I had to pick the bottom of the inseam (stitching, but not serging) just to get them over his feet! I love the way they turned out, though, so I’ll probably adjust the width/hem so he can wear them for a month or two.

mother-son-outfits-3 mother-son-outfits-6 mother-son-outfits-5 mother-son-outfits-1 mother-son-outfits-2
As though procrastinating this project wasn’t bad enough–F has recently changed his nap schedule; choosing to sleep during the best time for photos in his room. And there is NO WAY I’m going to try to take photos of me + baby outside. The tripod and I are not friends (even using it indoors for these photos was a nightmare!). So. Yes. I’m apologizing for the photo quality of this post. And yes. I’m back to doing that thing where I point out every tiny thing I did wrong and end up devaluing my own work. Like a boss.

ANYWAY. Sewing for boys is much more difficult than sewing for girls, I think. Do you have a son? Do you sew for him? Would you ever wear matching handmades with your children?

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  1. Annika

    You are good at pointing to things that aren’t perfect. Wanna hear what I see: Two fun color-blocked outfit, a stylish young boy in super fun slim pants and gorgeous pics in front of a beautifully colored wall.
    Not that bad, right?
    Also: I LOVE to sew for my son. It requires some thinking, but then you can do so much cool stuff!

  2. Jenya

    I love the idea of matching outfits with the kids. I have a few in mind for LM and I. You and F look super cute together :) His pants are super.

  3. Mie @ Sewinglikemad

    Those pants are soooo good!!! And what a great idea to turn the dress into a skirt. I bet you are going to use it a ton now! I want a skirt like that :-)

  4. Stacey

    Well now, there you go. If you hadn’t said anything, I never would have guessed you procrastinated. The skirt is adorable and you are so smart to have re-purposed it. And don’t get me started on those suspenders. And that adorable baby. I love the whole idea of taking a fashion trend and making that the focus of your mommy-son sewing. Way to think outside the box!

  5. Bee

    Hello, I’m looking to make my baby boy a pair of suspender shorts and saw the denim one you made in long version :) the pattern doesn’t seem to be available anymore on zuzzy. Would you mind sharing your pattern with me or selling it to me? Thanks so much

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