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I told you it was going to be slow around here, didn’t I?! I’ve been working away on my craft show inventory, but I just HAD to take a break and sew up an entry for this week’s Project Run and Play sew along. The theme is DENIM. After winning week one’s sew along (woop woop!), I decided not to participate in week two. I mean, what are the odds I’d win both weeks…right? I hadn’t given week three’s denim theme much thought until I saw the contestants’ denim looks. I scrolled through all four outfits and immediately knew what I would have sewn if I were a competitor. I couldn’t believe no one sewed a true blue denim on denim on denim look! I got to work and here we are, 36 hours later–I couldn’t be happier with the result!

#Sorrynotsorry for the insane number of very-similar-to-one-another photos. Just scroll fast if that kind of thing annoys you. But do watch for the paragraph or two with all the details. :)
denim-PRP-18 denim-PRP-13 denim-PRP-15SO. This three piece denim outfit was inspired by two designs I’m currently working on for my shop (the hat and apron/pinafore (what would you call it?)), and a pattern that I la-la-love (Mingo & Grace’s Charlie dress).

Pattern: Self-drafted hat. I’ve been showing a lot of these on Instagram as I work towards perfecting the pattern. This is one of three views. I don’t actually plan on selling the pattern, but I am susceptible to flattery.
Size: I’m working on making this pattern for both knits and wovens; this size will probably end up being the 2T knit size (largest size I plan on drafting–do you think older kids would wear this?).
Fabric: Repurposed stretch denim from some of my own old jeans. The center panel is cut from a slightly darker denim than the sides. This hat is also lined with a vintage floral knit. No photos, my bad. The hat is bound in blue fold over elastic.

Pattern: Self-drafted-ish apron. I used the Schoolhouse Pinafore pattern by Too Sweets as the basis for this design. The Too Sweets pattern starts at size 12m, but my apron will be sized for 6m-4T. I don’t feel like explaining all the changes I made, so you can just check out the Schoolhouse Pinafore and compare and contrast to your heart’s content.
Size: Rough 18m with 2T length. Needs a slight adjustment to the waistband…
Fabric: Repurposed no-stretch denim cut from a skirt I used to wear ALL THE TIME but my husband hated it and I couldn’t fit in it anymore so it ended up in my repurposing dresser YEARS ago. Found it, tried it on (it FIT!!!), husband still hated it. :P

Pattern: Charlie dress pattern by Mingo & Grace. Modified by lowering the back neck to eliminate the need for a closure. Of course, that was an afterthought–had I PLANNED better, I would have eliminated the center back seam as well. Armholes, neckline, and hem all finished with different shades of blue fold over elastic.
Size: 12m width and 2T length. This dress has plenty of ease; E actually falls into the size chart for 18m, but I wanted a slightly slimmer cut.
Fabric: NOT REPURPOSED stretch denim from my local outlet shop.

So, there you have it. That is what I would have sewn if I were competing in Project Run and Play. This is How We Denim, guys. Enjoy ALL the photos.
denim-PRP-11 denim-PRP-16 denim-PRP-12denim-PRP-4 denim-PRP-6 denim-PRP-9 denim-PRP-2denim-PRP-17 denim-PRP-14 denim-PRP-10 denim-PRP-8 denim-PRP-7 denim-PRP-5denim-PRP-1

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  1. Scary

    Darling. I adored the Charlie Dress in this application. I totally had originally planned on a true blue denim look but I couldn’t find the right weight around town to pull it off, but it is good to see if I would have been able to it would have been darling.

    1. Glitter+Wit

      Thanks so much for checking it out. I thought all the PRP contestants’ looks were great–just not what I had expected to see. I’m very lucky to have a great outlet shop nearby with a good selection of denims (and everything else). Good luck in the competition!

  2. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad

    Ohhh my gosh, I love this so much…even with the apron which I did not think I would like. You ROCK, my lady!!

  3. Teri

    The whole outfit is adorable (although not as adorable as your little one!) but the hat is my favorite. And yes, I think you should make it bigger than a 2T (hint, hint) because my little one would love it and I’m not sure she would still fit in the 2T :)

      1. Teri

        She just turned three last week :) I’m sure she could still fit in a 2T, but honestly, I’m pretty sure my eight year old would still like that hat! I love Scandinavian style, and the hat totally reminds me of something I might see in a Hanna Andersson catalog, except cuter!

  4. Melissa

    Beautiful outfit. I am the opposite. I am not a huge fan of denim on denim, but I love your look. Denim on denim reminds me os Britney and Justin =o lol but of course, you executed it beautifully.

  5. Olu

    OK, I love the hat, BUT… your daughter must be an angel to keep it on throughout the shoot. Aren’t little kids renowned for pulling hats off their heads after 7 seconds?

    My daughter would last ..erm, 1.5 seconds in a hat.

    Any tips?

    1. Glitter+Wit

      She actually loves hats, so long as there is a clear need for them (sun hat, rain hat, etc). She has worn this one for up to an hour, I think–just playing with Lego. How old is your daughter? Maybe try introducing a hat when there is a purpose for it. :)

      1. olu

        She’s just turned 3. Have tried to get her to wear sun hats, but no luck. I would love her to wear hats just to be cool. Even a hair clip is tricky ;-).

        My 7 year old is even worse. But strangely she LOVES swimming hats.

  6. Trisha

    Those hat “ears” are adorable! I could totally see this as a Batman look for my son too. Thanks for adding it to the OTT challenge on Pattern Revolution!

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