Cosi Swimsuit by Sewpony Vintage

I meant to post this, well… months ago. Now that Summer is nearly over (here, that is) I decided I had better post it now or never! I tested the Cosi Swimsuit pattern back in May. It was my first experience in sewing swimwear. And it was really frustrating. I’ve since sewn a couple more things from swim fabric and can say that my Cosi Swimsuit frustrations were undoubtedly due to my lack of experience. I am excited to give it another go next Summer!
cosi-swimsuit-sewpony-vintage-7 cosi-swimsuit-sewpony-vintage-4Pattern: Cosi Swimsuit by Sewpony Vintage
Size & View: size 2y, peplum one-piece (view D) with adjustable cross-back straps
Fabric: A nice, thick swim fabric that I actually cut from my own maternity suit from last summer
cosi-swimsuit-sewpony-vintage-3 cosi-swimsuit-sewpony-vintage-5E’s Cosi Swimsuit is definitely not my finest work (obviously), but I did learn a lot from sewing this pattern. Sewing swimwear is serious business! I’m trying to keep my posts more succinct, so I’ll briefly tell you my favorite and least favorite things about the Cosi Swimsuit.

I love the modesty of this suit. The one-piece views offer great coverage, and the two-piece view isn’t too revealing either! I am not a fan of the cross-back straps. They are very cute, but they were a pain to put together (could have been my inexperience at play) and I have trouble adjusting them without the straps twisting and rolling in the hardware. I’m not a huge fan of halter suits, but that is because I was always too tall to wear them comfortably. I may give the halter a try next summer.
cosi-swimsuit-sewpony-vintage-6 cosi-swimsuit-sewpony-vintage-1Both the suit AND the photos in this post are from the end of May. I can’t believe how much E has changed in just three months–madness!

Have you ever sewn swimwear? Tell me I’m not the only one to find it so difficult!

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  1. Kim

    I love yours, I do not see anything wrong with it. I wonder if that wash away fabric tape would make it easier to sew. I just discovered it : ) it’s kinda awesome : )

  2. Marta

    I had the exact same problem with swimwear fabric. It is so hard to work with! But with I bit of practice I am sure we will “dominate” the beast.
    I loved you version of the cosi from the moment I saw it. I even bought some fabric to make one just like it!


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