Introducing LouBee Clothing Week!

Two months ago I set aside an entire week to blog about Willow & Co’s Wanderlust collection (Glamparama, remember?), and I LOVED IT. I’ve decided to start doing a [pattern company here] week every month, and so…

Welcome to LouBee Clothing Week! Monday through Thursday this week I’ll be sharing some new (some just new to you) things I’ve made from my collection of LouBee Clothing patterns. Then on Friday you’ll have the chance to win a LouBee Clothing pattern of your choice for my first Freebie Friday Giveaway. Super-fun stuff, guys!

Today’s post is a roundup of all my previously blogged LouBee Clothing makes. Check. It. Out.
[Sorry about the mismatched image sizes here; many of these photos were pulled from posts I wrote before I launched the new site]

My first LouBee Clothing sew: A cowl-necked Bimaa! Sarah invited me to be on the Bimaa tour back in October 2013. I said yes (my first pattern tour?!) and made this:

bimaa sweatshirt with cowl neck, sewn by glitter and wit
In January 2014 I finally came out of my four-month-long I-have-a-newborn mommy fog and got back to sewing. I made this hooded Bimaa for Kids’ Clothes Week:
bimaa sweatshirt pattern by loubee clothing, sewn by glitter+wit

Then at the end of March Sarah invited me to test her newest pattern, the Shandiin Tank & Tunic. In one week, I made five test versions of the pattern. One of those tests was actually for my STYLO spread!shandiin tank sewing pattern by loubee clothing

Mid-April I made my first pair of Hosh Pants out of some crazy fabric. Funny story– the man who own the fabric store I shop at recognized the fabric when E wore these Hosh Pants into his shop last week. :)hosh pants pattern by loubeeclothing, sewn by glitter and wit

Sometime in June I added this Liberty of London Shandiin to my Etsy shop. I love it so much, but it’s still hanging around in my inventory. I’ve just lowered the price, so perhaps that will get it moving!_MG_1599

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the remaining four Shandiin pattern tests I sewed in April. I’m hoping to get some new photos of those tanks today, but I have a feeling a couple are going to be pretty snug on my growing girl! :S

As far as these special week-long series’ focusing on one collection/designer, what designers would you like to see me feature? Who are your favorites?

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  1. Faith

    I like how you pick fabrics that are not seen all over the sewing pages! And, I’ve been meaning to tell you I love that dress you made a while back with the collar that was made with 2 different fabrics and has a grayish purplish crepe skirt.

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