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Everyone I know is having or has already had a baby in 2014. Your friends, too?! Baby-palooza, right? Anyway, I decided (several months ago, ahem) I wanted to make a gift for each of my friends’ bundles of joy. I figure as long as I finish by the end of the year, I’m golden. SO, as far as sewing for babies goes, I’ve got twelve more outfits to make in addition to today’s outfit for little Elsie Mae. That’s just two each month–I can totally swing that. elsie-mae-7 elsie-mae-5I’m going to a class reunion-ish tonight. No big milestone, it’s only (ONLY-ha!) been eight years since I graduated from high school. One of my best friends is hosting the get-together and I’m going to meet her month-ish (I’m terrible, I know) old daughter for the first time. I must confess that this outfit was not entirely created with Elsie Mae in mind. To be perfectly honest, I’m gifting her an afterthought! I already know I’m terrible–no need to rub it in…
elsie-mae-4 elsie-mae-3 elsie-mae-2Elsie will be receiving my second pair of four Small Fry Skinny Jeans (see first pair here, and third pair here. Fourth pair still unblogged). I think I mentioned before that I tested this pattern–and this is my testing pair! I sewed these back in January and I’m not even completely sure what size they are; 3-6m maybe? I was still in my mom-of-a-newborn fog. I guess it is a really happy coincidence that I used floral fabric for the pocket bags and accidentally sewed a girls’ fly. It was meant to be! I’m not really sure why these little shorts never made it to the blog–I was and still am very proud of my work on this pair–especially the back pockets and belt loops. Everything was SO tiny! And because you know I can’t help myself, here’s one of my testing photos of F modeling the shorts. He only wore them once or twice because he was growing so quickly. He’s just under four months old here.
elsie-mae-1The second half of my outfit for Elsie is something that did make its way onto the blog–my What Would Celina Do? series contribution. You can read more about the top here, if you’re interested. I’m just going to show a couple photos in this post, since I’ve already blogged about it.
wwcd2squarewwcdThis top is a pattern mash-up, and actually was intended for miss Elsie. I can’t wait to see her in both these pieces! Have you been sewing for babies lately?

And, as always, a perfectly pinnable image for you:

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