KCW Recap // Summer 2014

This round of Kids Clothes Week is over. I didn’t get to everything on my list/in my pile, but I still feel pretty good about what I was able to accomplish. I used Instagram to document my KCW sews and decided it’d be fun to repost those photos here. JUST in case you missed anything.
It's [one of] the [four] most wonderful time[s] of the year [for sewing kids' clothing]!!  starts on Monday! Are you readyTen  sews all cut out! Now to fuse some interfacing and sort projects based on thread color. Efficiency is my new middle name! Might sneak in a few stitches tonight... Shhhh! And a pair of , except they're shorts, with a rib knit waistband. Totally winging it here, might not fit at all. But if they DO fit, I need some suggestions for making them special. A bit boring for my taste! Maybe I can go with the kid art theme and let E stamp them !! One down, nine to go. The shorts were entirely too big (no idea how that happened!). I took them in about 3", and then we added some triangles. Back of her  . Also, she struck her first pose yesterday... Here's how our almost-a-fail-and-still-a-little-loose  turned out. Hummingbird comin' in hot! Apparently  is turning into . Calling it quits for tonight. But, lucky me-- E is spending the night at MiMi's and I get a good chunk of tomorrow to myself! Silk is not my best friend. Good thing you guys can't look closely at this one. Getting started on something for the BOY, and realize I finished my Charlie Dress with just this much bobbin thread left. It's a  miracle! !!!!! Going to make a million of these!!   what's the hashtag for this pattern Time to go get the girl. I'll have to finish this tiny  after bedtime. Last  share of the day. Unless I can hem my husbands pants and sew 13 bags in 3 hours... Riiiiight.  in size 3m with the skirt gathers all scooted to the cf and cb. Soooo much prettier on the inside! Need advice: this is a muslin for a pattern that is intended to be sewn in knit. It has a button placket in the back bodice and fits just fine. But do you think I should change to skirt to a flounce to allow for more movement Final garment will be in striped linen and will be pairs with blousy shorts... Made all these things for ...I had ten things on my KCW list, but only finished seven. Ten was a bit ambitious, though–don’t you think? I really could have pulled it off¬†though, if I hadn’t had to make twelve reversible bags for a group of teenage girls from church! Cute bags, but I don’t want to sew another ever again!
...12 of these reversible bags.  plus I hemmed two pairs of my husband's pants and switched one pair to a button/buttonhole closure. Phew.Did you participate in this round of KCW? Sometimes I think about sitting out, but there’s something about KCW that just sucks me in. Or maybe it’s that I just really love to sew. Ha! Watch the blog for more information and photos of all these projects (except the bags. UGH) over the next month. Make it easy on yourself and follow Glitter+Wit on Bloglovin’ here.

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  1. kristi

    All of it is amazing, I am in love with the green triangle dress. I am a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see what the pompon trim was for! :)

    1. Glitter+Wit

      I actually finished the mystery pom pom trimmed garment last night! I’m blogging about LouBeeClothing patterns all next week and (hinthint) the pom poms will make an appearance then!


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