Kids Clothes Week October 2013 / Days Two & Three

I spent days two and three of KCW finishing E&F’s Halloween costumes and selecting fabrics for Day Four (Debbie’s Birthday Dress, take four (I think?)!).

Do you know The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? If you don’t, then these costumes probably won’t make a whole lot of sense. Also, you should definitely find a copy and read this book! My mom gave me a copy for Christmas when I was 11 years old (nearly 15 years ago!!), and it’s been a favorite of mine. Here’s a quick image reference to the two inspirations for E&F’s costumes:


This year I chose the costumes since it’s probably the last year I’ll be able to make the decision myself (for E, anyway…).  F is the little prince, of course. And E is his flower (a common rose!).
For E’s harem jumpsuit, I flipped the Sunki dress pattern by Figgy’s Patterns. I used sweatshirt fleece for the main body, linen for the side panels and pockets, and a poly-lining(ish) fabric for the sleeves. The hat is self-drafted.  I dug through my fabric stash to find shades of pink and red for the flower petals. There is a layer of stiff netting in each petal to help it stand up.  The petals are stitched directly to the sweatshirt fleece hat in a spiral pattern (I started in the center).


F’s jacket is a severe modification of the Little Kid Kimono jacket by Titchy Threads. I used blue and red knit fabrics from my stash, and inserted some boning into the hem to make it look more like the illustration in the book.  The belt and star decorations (epaulettes?) on the shoulders are both gold cotton with a felt layer for stability.  His boots are self-drafted and cut from an old leather jacket.
Oops; I photographed the star that I messed up on.  The beauty of costumes: they’re worn once and don’t have to be perfect!

**By the way, when I say self-drafted I really mean that I cut into my material haphazardly and by some miracle it all worked out on the first try.  I didn’t actually draft a pattern…
I sewed the smallest size Sunki and it’s still a little big in the shoulder area. Do you think I could get away with dressing E in the jumpsuit on a day that isn’t Halloween?  I just LOVE it!  It is a whole lot of green, though. F’s costume is not a little big. In fact, I’m 99% sure it won’t fit him on Halloween; he’s growing so quickly!
I love making Halloween costumes. It’s the only time I really have the confidence to make something without strictly following a pattern and having a plan. Our Halloween costumes are some of my very favorite things I’ve sewn over the years.  It makes me a bit sad to hang them in a closet for the rest of forever, but what else can I do with them? More importantly, what will become of them when I die?!! ;)  Happy Halloween!

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  1. Victoria As-it-Seams

    These are so lovely and cute it's crazy! I can't believe you're mum to a toddler and a baby and you produced these two costumes! It's hard enough just to keep two little ones clean and fed, let alone sew! Well done. I love the flower (I've got a half finished flower costume you've inspired me to finish), and the Little Prince. I've recently finished my sew-along to the

  2. Amy

    Tasha! This is AMAZING! The flower hat! The Sunki remix! The prince jacket! You (almost) make me like Halloween!! ha! I'm so happy to see you popping back in as you can. Yeah for sewing!

  3. Celina

    You have no idea how much I love this. L-O-V-E. I love everything about it- the book, the theme, the inspiration, the costume and your gorgeous kids. She could totally pull that jumpsuit off :) and oh my gosh you are young! I was going to write a post about Le Petit Prince, I will definitely link up to your post.

  4. Natalie R

    Tasha, you are blowing me away. First, how are you finding the time to do all of this??? And second, I would love to spend just a few minutes in your head to see how all of this comes together. Really fantatic job my friend. Have you ever thought of drafting patterns for these costumes and selling them? <br /><br />Oh, by the way, big fan of your green couch too!!!! Super cool!!!<br /><br /

  5. Rosa Hellebust

    Omg. These are amazing. I love the rose. I am going to have to try this with a violet! My 2yo wants to be a ninja/ballerina/fairy/princess. Think I could work a violet headpiece in there somewhere? Haha.<br /><br />Your work is amazing and your children are beautiful. <br /><br />Oh, and that couch is splendid.

  6. Tin Marsh

    This is one of my favorite books! I am actually about to print pictures and quotes from the book and frame them for my son&#39;s nursery/future room (he will be here in a couple weeks and I haven&#39;t done it yet, but it WILL happen.) I love your costume, it is perfect and I love that you made a rose too! Amazing!

  7. meg

    this is so unbelievably amazing! I hope you are framing some of those photos, because they are too precious not too. Well done. Really, well done!

  8. Ann

    Oh my god that flower hat is ADORABLE!!! Even we had Halloween in Italy I would definitely have to copy you! Maybe if we go home for it one year….

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  11. Anthony


    I am writing to inquire if you can make a “little prince” outfit for actual sale, or do you only sell the patterns? We’re having a one year celebration for our son in February, and are looking for something already made. If you do not, can you make any suggestions?

    Thank you so much for your time, and attention..

    – tony haltmar

      1. Maria Navata

        Hi, your baby’s costumers are all nice! I myself am wondering if and how much it would cost for a “Little Prince” costume? Thank you!

  12. faiza crawford

    Would you be willing to make a little prince costume for our son’s first birthday too? How much would you charge?

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  14. Anahi

    Like previews posts, I´m writing to know if you can make a Little Prince outfit for a one year old.
    We are having my son´s birthday party on late March, and your costume seems lovely.
    I haven´t found anything similar.
    Can you help us?
    Thank you.


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