Skirt Week: Skirt Two

Here’s my second Skirt Week entry (see my first entry here and learn more about Skirt Week here).

Pattern:  from this Japanese pattern book (again)
Size:  90cm (2T)
Fabric:  grey flannel and a fun floral cotton, both from my stash

I used the same size (90cm) that I used for the last pattern from this same book, but this skirt fits a lot better than the last.  I suppose the difference in length and fullness is what makes the sizing seem so different.

I was a bit more adventurous with this skirt.  The original pattern suggested using one single cut of fabric for the whole skirt.  Instead, I chose a contrasting fabric for the waistband and pockets, and even spliced the pattern (adding extra seam allowances, of course) to use the contrasting fabric for the box pleats.  I also had to make the casing wider to allow for the elastic I had on hand.

Sewing went nice and easy for this pattern, except for that point in which I didn’t understand the picture and had to ask my husband’s friend to translate the text for me (thumb’s up for knowing someone who knows Japanese!).  Yeah… the translation didn’t help, but I eventually figured it out.  I also lost the back of the skirt for an hour.  That’s what I get for taking it from my sewing room to show my husband the progress!  Though I’m not sure I would have lost it if I weren’t pregnant crazy pregnant.

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  1. Lucinda

    I love the modifications you made to the kick pleat – that little bit of floral peeking out is awesome! I have this pattern book too – and now must try something like what you did!


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